Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Treat 2012

The Crow Halloween tradition continues tonight! Yay!!!
What exactly is that tradition?
For years, more than I have been in the Crow family and that makes seven, my mother in law has invited her neighbors and the kids that grew up in the neighborhood to her house Halloween night.
Chili, hot dogs, and pumpkin pie!
Then the kids of the grown kids get on their masks and visit the neighbors, who will eat a little earlier than everyone for some friendly trick or treating. 
Not too many houses, not to much candy and absolutely ZERO strangers!!!
Last year, unfortunately the party was canceled when my mother in law broke her foot. We told her we would still do it, but she is one of those that if she can't do it, no one can. LOL! I love her spunk.
We did have a fun time trick or treating up and down our neighborhood streets, but honestly it just wasn't the same, and really four streets didn't quite equal the candy that those loving neighbors of my husband's childhood give. 
 I'm always told to never bring anything to these parties, but this year since I am not working and feeling a wee bit crafty. I am bringing a treat.

I actually found this idea on where else, but Pinterest from the blog Blue Skies Ahead. She named them Frapplesteins, and was still debating on her name. I thought it was a perfect name, but since we are taking these to my mother in laws aka Grandma and they are Granny Smith apples, I thought it would be okay if I changed the name. I also did not put sticks in them- long story, but how can Wal-Mart, Dollar General and Target all be out of craft/popsicle sticks?

What homemade treat did you make for Halloween? Have a wonderful and safe Halloween everyone.

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