Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Am I? Blogoversary Celebration Day 4 with a "SUPER" Giveaway

Exactly who is the author of the The 4-Crow's?

ShaRhonda Williams Crow

I am just a small southern Oklahoma girl, still trying to find my way into the “BIG” city life! I am a God-Fearing stay at home mom. I have two beautiful kids, Braden 11 and Kaybrie 5. I have been married to my prince charming now for seven years. I of course write this blog and am co-founder of the blog The Real Housewives of Oklahoma aka The RHOK where I write as ♥Mrs. Hart♥. I am a PTA volunteer, football mom, ballet mom, coach- in and off the bleachers I might add, run a professional kid taxi service to and from practices and events and am a self-retired banker- oh and am a social media addict!
In December of last year a local company here in Tulsa- Happy First decided to let the public name its next "Chick" T-Shirt. A portion of the proceeds would go to the winners choice of charity. I threw a name, vision and charity out there and it was picked as a top contender. The voting was conducted through Facebook and once all was said and done, my entry was selected as the next "Chick" shirt. 

One of my favorite quotes is “When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.” Carrie Bradshaw. This quote is one that has helped remind me many times of who I am and to get up and get going again. I think it accurately describes the “Super Chick” shirt as well- because a “Chick” who can honestly follow that advice after experiencing some of life’s roller coasters and curve balls, truly is “Super”!
Creativity is just part of my being. Whether I am working on a gift for someone, a school project with my kids, posters for the football team, or in my writings, I have to give it my all. When I was a bank manager my employees always told me that I should be a teacher because of the ideas I would throw out there and make them do to achieve their sales goals. I guess my degree in Business Management/Communications applies to all ages and activities at times.

I am very humbled that “Super Chick” was chosen amongst such great entries in the “New Chick” contest. I am absolutely thrilled that a portion of the profits will be going to the local charity Turn Tulsa Pink, $46,000 was raised by this organization in 2011 and I am so excited that we will be a part of exceeding that goal in 2012.
Me, Judi aka Talula w/ Turn Tulsa Pink & Debbie Vinyard
I am also loving the fact that the owner of Happy First, Debbie Vinyard and I have become such great friends. Deb's company story and personal story are absolutely amazing.
Debbie is celebrating this Blogoversary with me by offering to one of my readers:

 ONE Super Chick Shirt
ONE Super Chick Baseball Cap
(new product line)
So, I am curious. I just told you who I am, who are you? 
Identify with one of Debbie's "Chick" items!

To place a Happy First order, visit the website or Facebook page!
Free shipping on many items, plus a first time buyers discount.
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