Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy 4th Blogoversary!! #Giveaway

Happy Blogoversary to The 4-Crow's!
Four years of Living, Laughing, Learning & Love stories from our Nest.
Never a boring moment around here, that is for sure.
When other bloggers and brands ask me to give them a description of my blog, this is what I give them.
The 4-Crow's is the blog that tells the day to day operations of the Crow's Nest and the 4 Crow's that live/fly in and out of it constantly.Very fitting for our flittering about in 100 jillion directions during the week. Sports, volunteering, dance, work, school, PTA, social functions, blogging activities, and church are just a few of the many things we participate in. We hope you enjoy the stories of how we live, laugh, learn and love from our Nest.

Speaking of other bloggers, without other bloggers, this blog would not be where or what it is today. Today's giveaway can ONLY be won by a fellow blogger. It doesn't matter if you are an avid blogger and post daily or have a blog that you haven't visited in years. As a blogger and a writer, I want to encourage you to dust off those blogs and get to writing again. Get the words out of your minds and back onto your screens.

Today's giveaway is presented by my bloggy friend Ashley at Everything Happens for a Reason. I can't even  tell you how Ashley and I met- okay we haven't ever met IRL. The blogosphere is funny like that. She probably stalked me first or not. LOL!  She could easily be my cousin in Arkansas. We both call the HOGS, are Twitter addicts, Facebook friends, are Army Wives stalkers, we die for Drop Dead Diva and love taking pictures. 
I'm almost 10 years older than her, I was reminded today, because today is...
HAPPY 28th Birthday Ashley!!!

Anywho, Ashley's mom makes these gorgeous necklaces!

 She can make for any team, so if a blogger who doesn't call the HOGS wins the necklace it will be customized with your school and colors, if you are not the blogger who wins and are interested in one they are $10 with shipping and you can contact Ashley at this post to order.

Now who will be the blessed blogger to receive this custom made necklace?

Did you enter yesterday's Blogoversary Celebration Giveaway?
Four Years = Four Days of Celebration!

U.S. Residents ONLY!

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