Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Letter for Kindergartner Kaybrie

Dear Kaybrie, 

How did this day arrive so fast? January 31, 2007 was just the other day it seems. The first time you left me was when the nurses took you to the nursery to "make" you cry, you haven't quit making noises since. When you went to Pre-K, I was fortunate to already be working at the center you attended. Today I woke you up at 7:30 am. You dressed in your Gymboree "Barbie Princess Charm School" outfit that Grandma bought you. This is the one and only outfit you actually went right to and picked out yourself for school. You saw it in the window and dragged Grandma down the mall to the store. You ate the Crow breakfast if champions, a brown sugar poptart. Then I made your hair big and curly! We then went outside and took the necessary first day school pictures. You will thank me later for these moments caught on camera.
Things have definitely changed in the 6 years since your brother began kindergarten, especially technology. The iPhone, Texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now a blog post- your daily adventures have pretty much been shared and seen by everyone this day. 

I of course am just now sitting down to write about your day from my perspective and make good on my promise to you to have every important life event documented for you and my grandchildren to read. One day it will mean something. Kaybrie Jayne, I love you and I have prayed for you all day today. Prayed that God continues to look over you and guide you daily in the decisions you make. When we arrived at your classroom this morning you immediately ran to Mrs. Ledbetter and hugged her. You were so scared and timid as your Daddy and I left you in your classroom. I have never seen you like that before. Your Daddy said for once he saw his personality in you. 

Your Daddy and I came home after dropping you off, he mowed and I crawled in to bed upset, wishing I had planned a "Mommy Cry Fest" lunch with my girlfriends.

At 3:40pm, it was finally time to go get you from school. We of course waited in the car pick up line for over 20 minutes, but finally you came running to meet us with that beautiful smile, which is proudly missing that one tooth, and told us all about your first day of kindergarten.  You were called a baby by a classmate and are very excited because there is only one day left until the weekend. And for some reason you learned how to clean the sink out. I sure hope that chore sticks.  

Kaybrie, just like you tell me every night before you close your eyes that I am the best Moma in the whole world, you are the best daughter in the whole world. I am proud of you and I will always be here for you.

I love you "my baby" girl,

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