Friday, June 15, 2012

Woolite® Extra Dark Care: Finally a Saving Grace for Denim

Wooliteer's use Woolite® because they love their wardrobe and don't want to torture it. I was given the chance by Crowdtap to host an exclusive Woolite® Extra Dark Care event and vie to become America's Next Top Wooliteer. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase my love of fashion and spread the word about how Woolite® can keep denim and dark clothes looking like new for longer.

My party ended up being a little different from the prescribed norm. I held it throughout the day and talked up the product and showcased it over a six hour period. I thought outside the box for people who don't always get the opportunity to try new products, who NEED new products! My co-workers at the pre-school. We typically wear dark clothes, jeans and t-shirts for the most part and unfortunately these items get ruined easily with the stains and frequent washes they go through. 

A few of my friends/co-workers posing with their sample and the Woolite® jean bag! Aren't they cute and such good sports?

I can't believe how terrible my wardrobe looks after only a year and a half a the preschool! YUCK! The sad thing is, I am not one to go and buy jeans very often, I'm a hard fit. They have to be long enough in length and high enough in the waist or I will not wear them! Oh, and fashionable. I do have a few pair of jeans that I refuse to wear to work, my holey ones. The babies, just rip the holes worse than before.

 When my daughter saw these pictures, she wanted to pose with the Woolite® bag also, so we had some more fun modeling, she in her jean shorts and me in my jeans. Why not? It's not every day I get to hold up a 10.9 sign!

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