Friday, June 29, 2012

Moma Crow finally met/made a Mac & Cheese she LOVES!

It's OklaHOT again!
 I don't dare turn on my stove or oven or grill when its 100 degree plus outside, do you?
So, what do I do but pull out the the handy dandy wonderful tool that we are all using these days called Pinterest and look for new, exciting, different, taste bud perking crockpot recipes. 
See my CrockPottin' board here!
I ran across one, that who knows why I pinned it.
 There wasn't even a name for it. I'll give the original a name.
 Crockpot Corn Macaroni & Cheese.

I can't stand Mac&Cheese.
Just ask my bestie. She gets to eat mine when we have it at school. I eat her broccoli.

So tonight what do I do since I am out of every grocery in the house including the ingredients called for in this recipe. Make it and make my own recipe up.
Guess what. I finally met a Mac&Cheese I LOVE!

See how Yummo it looks!?!

Wait,wait. Are you ready for this? I'm gonna give you my very own Pinterest Perfected recipe- ha ha, I made that up, catchy though. Now don't be making fun of my food photography. I am not The Pioneer Woman. Geesh, she is good. 

Moma Crow's Crockpot Corn Mac & Cheese
1 can cream style corn, 1 can whole kernel corn 2 cups Rotini, 3/4 jar of queso (I used medium, its all I had), 1/2 c water and 1 stick of butter. Spray your crockpot with cooking spray and add all ingredients. Do not drain cans. Pasta needs all liquid. Cook on high until pasta is tender. I started mine about 3:45 and it was done by 5!
(yeah, I know not exactly calorie conscious, but I only ate about 1/2 C!)

To be honest, I am not sure the original pin would have turned out. Not enough pasta for the recipe. It only called for one cup of elbow macaroni and no water. It also wanted velveeta and light margarine. So as you can see I made lots of variations.

We have a little saying around the nest when I make a new recipe if  its approved and...
"It's a make again!!!"

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