Sunday, May 13, 2012

Through Their Eyes on Mother's Day 2012

I learned a few things about myself today on this Mother's Day 2012.
Things from the eyes of a 5 year old and an 11 year old.
A few things I will use to my advantage.
A few things I will still be baffled about, and a few things I better get in check FAST and start changing. 

  1. I think I better teach him to spell my name and correct him on my University- SWOSU might not like their name change. Oh how I love my nickname MomaCrow!
  2. Yes, I do love them very very very much!
  3. I guess I do get rather EMOTIONAL when he plays football. Only 3 more months!!!
  4. He knows my fears. Bugs, not so much. But him getting hurt and tornadoes. 
  5. NEEDS- eye opener! Coach Purses, Dresses and THOUSANDS of Diet Cokes.

  1. Wow, she knows my age! And I have raised her right, she would never tell my pounds!
  2. Buffalo Wings?!?!
  3. I always say- "I Love You"!
  4. Once again I really love them!
  5. I ONLY laugh when I'm on the phone. Ouch!

Did you see that Kaybrie and I like to make ART? She made this one for me in school.

Totally using #2 to my advantage! I have a Third Eye.
But honestly, they made all of these gifts at school and church so I never saw these items coming!

These are the gifts that I will cherish forever. I love the homemade items. Seeing how I appear through my children's eyes only enforces to me that I am doing the right things in their lives. Happy Mother's Day to all of the women out there who have touched a child's life in some way! Now I must go find a Diet Coke and dream of getting to NYC to fulfill my dreams as a professional writer, but wait an order of Applebees Buffalo Wings does sound good right now.

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Tonya said...

I laughed out loud at a few of these. So precious! :-) thanks for sharing this.