Thursday, April 26, 2012

Super Chick Photo Shoot

Are your wearing a Super Chick shirt yet?
Today's post is actually at The RHOK telling you all about the Super Chick photo shoot, but I think I need to put these on my own blog as well! These are my favorite shots of the shoot!
Thank you all for voting for me in naming the shirt for Happy First
30% of the proceeds of the shirt will continue to go to Turn Tulsa Pink until May 31st!
Now go get your shirt and help Turn Tulsa Pink!

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Teresa said...

Awesome pics!  Love that you are still wearing your black ring too, looks great!  :)  Miss you!

ShaRhonda Crow said...

You noticed!!! I really should put a disclosure every time I wear it in a picture. Right? I miss you too! Thanks for commenting on my blog today! Love you!

Ugochi Jolomi said...

Beautiful photos, you look like a very joy full person. And your daughter I guess, she looks really cute.
Your newest follower from CCBN!