Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pookie and Tushka Book Review with a #Giveaway

My 5 year old baby girl is learning to read. Okay, maybe just learning to identify sight words, but hey that is a start right? Nothing makes my heart smile more than for her to curl up next to me and lay her head on my shoulder while I am reading and get excited as she tells me "Mom, you are reading my sight words in your book!"

I recently purchased the book "Pookie and Tushka find a little piano" by Jorge on my Kindle Fire for her and I to read together. I was browsing through the children's titles and came across this one and was immediately attracted for several reasons. 
  2. The title- Tushka, Oklahoma is my Moma's hometown (the character in the book is of no relation, although I have communicated this information to the publisher)
  3. The sweet cover. What can be sweeter than a penguin and a polar bear in childlike form?
So, we read about the frozen little piano that arrived to the shores of the Icelands, bringing Pookie the penguin and Tushka the polar bear fun, excitement, and a heartwarming lesson about the essence of friendship.and we LOVED it. Loved it so much that this is the comment I left on Pookie and Tushka's Facebook page.

"Just read Pookie and Tushka to my five year old daughter. We loved it! The facts at the end were amazing and the very END leaves us wanting to know more about this unusual friendship!"

The details of the book are amazing, especially the end where it talked about the difference between the Penquins and Polar Bears and Antarctic and Arctic Regions. My daughter and I were able to discuss this book unlike any other book before. Through my Facebook conversation, I offered to review and let my readers know about this book and the publisher is kindly offering a Pookie and Tushka Deluxe App code to 9 blessed readers of The 4-Crow's. The app is packed with games, songs, read and listen, and educational activities. This iBook app is by far the best I have found so far for my daughter! I played around a bit with it on my iPhone and I can only imagine what it is like on an iPad! Have I mentioned that I really NEED an iPad? LOL!

And as I predicted, before I knew more about these cute characters there is more Pookie and Tushka! They are so excited to be crossing even more into the education world this month. "My First ABC with Pookie and Tushka" is available now through Amazon and the interactive version will soon be available through iTunes! "Pers®, the cutting edge children’s entertainment company, is now joining leading education services 
companies like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw-Hill and Pearson in delivering educational titles on 
the iBookstore and the Kindle Store. Pers’ first eBook, "Pookie and Tushka find a little piano", winner of the BEST NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE YEAR, is already a TOP TEN Children’s Book at Apple’s iBookstore and at the Amazon Kindle Store." 

Now, which of my 9 readers want a Pookie and Tushka Deluxe App code? The mandatory entry is to leave me your email address in the comments and tell me who you will read/discover this app with?

About the Author of Pookie and Tushka:

Jorge (Jorge Antonio Tello Aliaga)  is writer and illustrator born and raised in Lima, PerĂº. His year of experience include designing award winning educational children's software and being a design manager at the world's largest graphic software company. He enjoys writing, drawing, composing, programming, cooking (peruvian food), and speaking English (with a cool accent!).

Even as youngster, Jorge dreamed of publishing children's books. His other dreams include designing toys, creating a sci-fi/fantasy magazine, making cartoons, producing movies, building a theme park, becoming president of PerĂº, and achieving world peace (if time permits).

His name is Spanish for George and it is pronounced "HOR-heh"

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