Friday, March 30, 2012

PW and Me

I finally got to meet Ree in real life!
Yes, I am a bit of a PW stalker- Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course Food Network!
Her latest cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier was released March 13th and immediately I ordered TWO- one for me and one for my bestie!
She held a book signing at Cain's Ballroom last night and of course we made a date for a GNO!
Yes, we waited in line FOREVER, and we were fortunate enough to get bumped from the "D" line to the "B" line. DO NOT wear boots if you are going to one of her signings-lesson learned!
It was great being there with my bestie, a cousin, and a few of my followers. 
I just wish "My Tonya" could have been there, but I did get her book signed for her!

Ree signing the cookbook!

Me and Ree

Ree signed my cookbook- "Love to ShaRhonda and Kaybrie"

Did I mention that the Marlboro Man was there? Oh yes, he is a sweetheart. He signed the books also! He deserves a special pan of brownies for his spotlight last night.

Oh and Cowboy Josh....
He's single, I think!
Do you follow The Pioneer Woman? She has several more stops on her book signing tour
While your there, pick me up a copy of Charlie the Ranch Dog- they sold the last copy to the person in front of me!

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yogiabb said...

Heather was going to go with a friend but it all fell through. I'm glad you got to meet her.