Monday, March 26, 2012

Chick-fil-A Old School Widget w/ #Giveaway

Have you visited Chick-fil-A lately?
The kid's meals have a complete new look and nutrition value- click the link to figure calories for your favorite combination.

Can you say GRILLED NUGGETS- six for only 110 calories?!? 
Guess where I will be eating for now on? My daughter is going to love the Buddy Fruits!

"Lace up your sneakers because the new Nutritious Chick-fil-A Kid’s Meals are going to help fuel active family fun! Spring is here and what better way to promote an active lifestyle, and enjoy the great outdoors than with some old school games for your family to enjoy." 
The  following Old School Fun widget contains classic old school games for the family and a fun throwback quiz! I invite you to participate in the fun and see how you rate in the "old school" category!
I am a Disco Dynamo- LOL! 
Why yes, Charles really was in charge and I did have "Thriller" as a ringtone at one time! I loved the 80's!
Fun, Fun, Fun

Did you try the widget out? Tell me how you rank in the OLD School in the comments. Then make sure you enter on the Rafflecopter form for a FREE Chick-fil-A kid's meal coupon!

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scribbleprints said...

I'm a Spud (according to the widget.)

nanabkw said...

I'm a Disco Dynamo also!!!

Ashley said...

I am the bomb dot com!!

Manda Panda Valenti said...

I got The Bomb Dot Com!

Thank you!
avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com