Friday, February 17, 2012

Hoops (A 5th Grader's Essay)

Braden is preparing for his 5th Grade writing test. In doing so he has been practice writing a few essays. I ran across the following and decided that it needed to be posted here at The 4-Crow's, after all this blog is about living, laughing, LEARNING, and loving from our nest.
(I am not going to correct any grammatical, punctuation, or other errors. Please remember he is in 5th grade. It is so hard when he is doing these assignments, not to correct everything and make it my own words with my own grammatical corrections, but I know he has to learn. I am rather proud that I might not be the only writer in my family- fingers crossed that he will be the one to figure out how to make the big bucks, who knows, maybe it will be writing or even shooting HOOPS!)

by Braden

My first time to learn something was when I was 8. I just learned to shoot baskets, in Basketball. And while I was shooting I became better and better at it.

Even if I missed I'd put it back up. And sometimes for training I shot Free Throws, played Knockout, played horse, and even around the world. I know that stuff was easy stuff because mostly you shoot closer towards the basket.

But not for me because I'm good at 3-Pointers. But Here's a lesson the closer you get the better you make it. And also what I learned was to dribble.

When I started dribbling was probably when, I guess out in the driveway. I mean usually you learn when your in your Basketball practice. But the main thing is don't start crossing or under your legs until someone teaches you.

But the important way to play Basketball is play with courage or talents. And I'm not saying as talent as in watching NBA player's be showoffs. but the most Important things of things be yourself.

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nice guest post Braden. I work with guys with MBA's that cannot string together words like you do.

Keep up the good work. Good luck on your writing test and keep on working on your shooting and dribbling.

Delana said...


ShaRhonda Crow said...

Thank you Delana- trying out my new comment I know you are getting double thanked!!!