Thursday, November 17, 2011

What is Going on at Our Nest? Not Busy! Really.

I can't use the word BUSY anymore. 
Nope, someone can always one up me on that one. As if. LOL!
No really. 
Did you happen to catch the guest post at The RHOK on Tuesday?

Let's me just brief you on the past week and current happenings around The Nest!
Braden made the Principal's Honor Roll the1st Nine Weeks of his 5th Grade Year!
That means Straight A's my friends! 
So proud of my little man!

Kaybrie, oh Kaybrie. She really is taking these Bible verses to heart.
Last week's verse was "Thou Shall Not Steal!"
Needless to say, she should have had more than one day of introduction to that  particular verse.
She stole a teeny tiny mouse from Michael's. Oh yes she did. 
And yes, I marched her right back into the store and made her tell the manager what she did and apologize for it. I don't think she will be breaking that commandment again.

Braden has turned into a Country Music fanatic. Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean are his favorites.
Needless to say, the music craze has rubbed off on little sis as well!
Braden gets his iPod going and both of them get to dancing and singing. Last week of course was a great week for that because the CMA's were on! WTG Blake & Miranda! And of course, Taylor!
Anyway, there is something not quite right when your 10 and 4 year old start singing the lyrics
"Ice cold beer sitting on the console..."
I had to ask them what they knew about beer. Of course they both replied its the stuff  Nana drinks.
A&W Diet Root Beer
So now they both must replace beer with rootbeer in that lyric. KIDS!!!
Oh and believe me Braden might have the rap words down in that song, but that boy cannot rap!

Football is over and our party is this weekend. I have been working hard on the boy's gifts. I want to show you but...can't. Sorry! Next week maybe.
Tonight and tomorrow night is The Church at BattleCreek's annual Christmas Gathering! So excited. I have three tables decorated and 25 friends will be sitting with me to eat. Several more will be there as well!
This is such a wonderful event. Of course I tell my readers about it every year. It can't be described better as when HGTV & Oprah collide in church! Make sure you go with me next year!

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And finally tonight at 10PM, The RHOK is being featured on KTUL Channel 8!
Please watch us!
Here is the promotional clip.

Nope not busy, just over my head!!!

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