Sunday, November 27, 2011

Perfect Pairings: Faith, Family, Friends & Freedom-Thanksgiving 2011


Our Thanksgiving theme this year became Faith, Family, Friends and Freedom!

We originally had planned on a small Thanksgiving of just the four of us and my MIL at her house.
My MIL insisted that she cook, with my assistance at her house.
Five weeks ago she broke her foot and found out last week that it is STILL broke. She wheels around on this little scooter like a pro all over her house, foot propped up in that confining boot contraption! Bless her heart!
Her kitchen is very functional and she did allow me to set the table, carry items to the table, make the deviled eggs, my Crow Bars, and of course help her during the preparations of some of the other foods.
Thanksgiving dinner turned out wonderful.
We even ended up extending an invitation of dinner to special friends, and they accepted.
Kaybrie's ballet teacher and my friend Pam and her two youngest girls, Chloe and Sophia ate Thanksgiving dinner with us.
Pam's husband Charlie has been in Iraq. He found out last week that he would be home before Thanksgiving. When I found out on Wednesday that he had been delayed and still had not left Iraq and that Pam and the girls were going to be alone, I extended the invitation. However, it took the phone call from my mother in law to convince her to sit at the dinner table! What a blessing it was for our family to do something for someone else during Thanksgiving. 

 “Praise the LORD! Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever”.
 Psalm 106:1

The blessings around our Thanksgiving table were immense.

1. Faith- thank you Jesus for dying for us and we can only try to be like you each day!
2. Family- so thankful for each member of our family and our health!
3. Friends- thankful that we got to share our Thanksgiving with friends!
4. Freedom- thankful for our country and that a soldier and other soldiers are coming home!

Oh, and here are the posters we made for Charlie's homecoming...which BTW, he should be seeing about now!!! (Sunday night November 27th 7-8pm)

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