Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Learning the Bible...

Kaybrie is learning so much this year in Pre-K! I love her teacher Mr. Cody House, he is so good with the students. One thing that I really love is how excited she is to learn her Bible verses each week, there have been a few weeks that she had not received a sticker and that is my fault- bad Moma!
Here she is saying The Lord's Prayer- love it! 
(Yes, I know its not exactly correct, but remember she is four and Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto me.")

My friend Shanna's daughter Harleigh, who I used to babysit, is also learning her Bible verses. I had Shanna send me the format they are using at her school and will soon be teaching this to Kaybrie and Braden. 
(I think it might even help me a bit)
I love this and thought I would share it with my readers as well. Let me know if any of you choose to use it or have seen this before. 

What other tools do you use to teach your children the Bible?

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