Friday, September 30, 2011

Sock Curls: Moma Crow's Secret Recipe for Success

Getting "Sock Curls" is the easiest thing ever! 
Just gather all of your little girls or your (if you are doing your hair) "mismatched" socks- ha ha I think mismatched socks are the secret ingredient! Wash hair. If you want it for the next day blow dry til damp. Put gel on it-I use Biolage, then take about 2" sections all over the hair, roll under to the root at the center of the sock and knot the sock but not too tight and only one time. Then take the hair dryer to set the curl and then sleep on it. The next morning just take out and shake upside down, do not comb or pick out! Spray and style! 
Big and Sexy Spray & Play is my hairspray of choice! 
You can also do the hair wet but it will take a day to dry completely! Also be very careful while curling the ends of the hair and make sure that you don't crimp it. Keep it flat so it will curl nicely. I always hated when my hair would crimp on sponge rollers. 
If you have any questions, just ask! 
Also if you try this, please share pictures with me.


Jennifer said...

Love it! I just saw something about sock hair on Pinterest and wondered if it would work.

Allie said...

Keep the ends of the hair flat while curling it? Or at. the end when you take it out I'm so confused can you do a Video and put the link to it somewhere? Thanks :)

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