Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays

It's Wednesday and yes, its been two weeks since I've linked up- sorry my friends, I promise I'm still Pinning and still addicted, just crazy busy...I think my first pin will explain it. No really. This is the slogan for the next event, that the blog The RHOK- where I write as Mrs. Hart, is hosting on August 16. How cool is that? It is at il Baccio here in Tulsa. The cost of the event is $5 with a school donation for the John 3:16 Mission. You can even purchase a t-shirt with the below RHOK Out slogan on it! Just click on the below pin!

Football, Work, getting ready for back to school and of course 

I am also doing! 1200 Calories a day. Yes there is an app for that and guess what, its another social network- I'm CrowMoma2 if you wanna start encouraging each other on our fitness journeys!

I mentioned football above. Well, Oklahoma has seen some HOT temperatures! I had a dashboard reading of 120* last week. In my in-service training the other day they recommended cold packs under the armpits if a player has heat exhaustion. Have you seen the little cold packs at the sports stores? I wonder if this is the same. I'm willing to try if it will save me some $! Anything to cool my boy down to prevent over heating.

And of course, I pinned a recipe..or ten! This one is a Three Meat Casserole Pizza. I can't wait to try it. Okay, just a small piece with a HUGE salad. I am sure my family, or at least my husband and son will love it!

Have a great week and if you aren't already pinning away at Pinterest let me know and I'll get you an invite. I would love for you to follow me! My button is on the right side of my blog!
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Lauren said...

OOoh, man, that pizza casserole looks amazing. Surely that wouldn't count against my family's "pizza no more than once a week" rule... Because it's not REALLY a pizza... ;)