Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In My Neck of The Woods- #94

Who is starting 5th Grade on Thursday, weighs in close to a buck ten, is all arms and legs and is eating me out of house and home? No not DeMarcus Ware that plays for the Dallas Cowboys-he weighs a lot more.
But wearing his numbers proudly for the third year in a row my son Braden, who by the way, as long as he stays at 110lbs or under get to carry the football for the first time ever in the Indian Nations Football Conference this year! WooHoo! Oh yeah that's what this football Moma is talking about! I love me some pigskin fo' sho'!

This picture of Braden was taken on August 20, 2011 at the Locust Grove scrimmages-  2011 jerseys are not in use!
So, what is going on in your neck of the wood? Link up today at The RHOK. Inquiring housewives like myself Mrs. Hart want to know!

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Carol Wyer said...

Oh Bless! They grow up so quickly-Oh No, now I sound like my own mother-bother!

Carol xx

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

Oh, and my 78 pound 6th grader is the safety bringing down the 110+ boys. :-) One day, he'll catch up. For now, he can grab someone's ankles like nobody's business! Ha! So odd how different they grow. Hoping it cools off before games. Sadly, not the case, I don't think. :(