Saturday, July 30, 2011

Some Summer Time in 2011

I can't believe Summer has gone by soooo fast. August starts in a few days and believe me it has been nothing but HOT HOT HOT! Football practice starts on August 1st so I really feel like our Summer is officially OVER! Back to practice 4 days a weeks until the big boys start their games and then 3 times a week until October! 
Oh October, have I ever told you that I L-O-V-E you!!!
So with me working my kids feel like they haven't got to do anything. Poor babies. Poor Mom. LOL!
I've made a point of taking two vacation days to do nothing but spend with them! 
That way they can say that they did get Some Summer in 2011!
We went to Incredible Pizza on July 8th!
I took them to Blue Hole on July 26th with The RHOK-Blue Hole is located 7 miles East of Salina, OK on Kenwood Road.
 I love how Kaybrie tells everyone exactly where it is, only she calls it Ken's Road!
(she's a little too Barbie obsessed I'm afraid)
They even got to do LOTS of swimming in Grandma's pool and a trip to the splash pad and local park!

This post is about to get picture loaded!

But Summer isn't TOTALLY over, just because football is here. Is it? Dear God, Please send some nice 88 degree temps and 15 inches of slow rain and I'll be one very happy Moma! Thank you.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, I totally agree with the 88 degrees and a lot of rain. Love Blue Hole, cute pics! Have fun with the rest of your summer....sorry we couldn't make it to Blue Hole the other day, we have 10 extra show up at our house....cRAZy!