Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Neck of The Woods

If you have been reading about our nest this week you know that there have been a few happenings.

1. Moma Crow has been sick- yeah I mentioned that somewhere. I seem to be immune to every first round of antibiotics the doctor gives me. So I am now on round two and I think this one is going to work. Another sinus infection. YUCK!
2. NKOTBSB- Yes, Moma Crow got her moves on and partied like it was 1989 on Sunday night, go see Monday's post and listen to me screaming like a teenage girl!
3. The good thing. Football camp ended and we get a two week break before football practice begins!
4. Daddy Crow got a very pink eye and no one else in the family got it!

We discovered this week that Kaybrie is quite handy with scissors. It seems she has a favorite pair in her classroom and if she doesn't get them, well let's just say she didn't get sent to the office this time and she is still in the Lutheran School and I am still a teacher there. Her grandmother before knowing the scissor story directed her into fashion design. Check out her creation. When all else fails around our nest she can produce us waterproof clothing out of Wal-Mart sacks.

Oh, and in case I do lose my teaching job...
it appears that my son has a way with my students!
(This particular student's mom suggested that I post this picture on my blog)

That is What is going on in my neck of the woods, what about yours?
Link up at The RHOK, where inquiring housewives like myself want to know!


Baloney said...

How sweet is your boy?! Love it!

Amy said...

No good with the pink eye. Y'all keep all your sick stuff to yourselves!!!