Monday, July 18, 2011

Living My Teenage Dreams in My Housewife Years

Can you think of a better birthday present than going to see the two best combined boy bands from your teen years in one center on one night? Not me! And certainly not my BFF Angie the birthday girl! We almost didn't get to go, but when Groupon ran a Super Duper sale on tickets- I bought them! Yeah, I'm a thrifty birthday gift shopper! Angie doesn't mind a bit! :P

New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys aka NKOTBSB came to the BOK Center on July 17th and we were so there. Our seats were terrible and guess what- they moved us to Suite Level! Our seats ended up being amazing! The concert AMAZEBALLS!!!

Angie and I before the concert!

OMGrapeJelly- here they are, all 9 of them!!! Scream......

AJ from the BSB
Donnie, oh Donnie my Donnie!

Donnie came into the crowd! Check out how close we were, just a little closer...and I would have. What would have I  have done? Hmmm...
And as if you need an excuse to know exactly who Donnie sang to during the concert, just watch this video. Listen real close. Bet you can't guess who is screaming like a teenage girl in the background!

P.S. My Mother-In-Law begged me not to put this video on my blog because I went to the concert after five days of being on antibiotic and still had a sinus infection and still MADE myself have fun. I told her had it been Elvis she would have done the same thing.


Baloney said...

Ok, so Dawn and I cracked up when he tore his shirt off.

Amy said...

You are so fantastic! Glad y'all had such a fun time!

Jessica said...

how fun!!! :)