Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In My Neck of The Woods- My Fit


See this? 

Here, let me get in a little closer...


That is my $120 Chi Flat Iron.
and YES is is broken.
I did it while throwing a MOMMY fit. Have you ever done that before? You know when you tell the kid three simple instructions.

 Get the swimbag. Put your swimsuit in it. Then grab the two swimsuits on my bed.

Believe me next time I will throw won't throw the hairbrush on the tile floor and do it myself because the life of my Hot Pink Leopard Chi was not worth a Mommy tantrum and NO I did not feel better and still want to throw up over my actions. I have begged for forgiveness, understand that I am human, and praise God I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and will now have to work an extra 14 hours somewhere to have straight hair again! 
Thank you Hot Pink Leopard Chi-you were the best 4 years of my hair's life! 

Now before you commit me, head on over to The RHOK and let us know what is going on 
In Your Neck of the Woods!

*Disclosure- no human being was the target of the fit, only the tile floor and no four letter words came out of my pretty, little big mouth!


Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh no -I hate when things like happen! But, yes we're all prone to a mommy fit every now and then ;) BTW -Did you get a new background? -I like it!

Nadine Hightower said...

Can it be glued? My mommyfits are legend!

Amy said...

Oh no! That sucks bunches! Could you use some key lime pie now?!

The Southern Family said...

I am sure you can fix it up. Or I can. You can borrow mine in the meantime, it's not Chi, but it works. We don't like straight hair here, so we won't miss it! LOL

Beth Zimmerman said...

Been there! Done that! I was telling my sister recently that I NEED some of those soft/self-closing cabinets and drawers to prevent me from slamming them. She asked me what fun that would be!

Beth Jones said...

BLESS YOUR HEART! What an expensive fit! Hopefully it can be fixed...

Dawn said...

LOL! Okay, I know I shouldn't laugh.

I've had four, FOUR, Chi flatirons that for some reason or another stopped working. I ended up buying something different this time and LOVE it. I even got it at Sally. Believe me, I was Chi loyal and didn't think anything else could compare (or i wouldn't have spent money on four different ones). I bought a GVP model 264897. It has a digital display and you can turn the heat up or down. I love it! And, it was only about $65.

Baloney said...

Eegads. Stop throwing things!!
Sorry about your flat iron.
I really, really love my Babyliss flat iron. Way better than my Chi ever was. I've worn out two Chi irons! It was pricey though. Got it at Ulta.