Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In My Neck of The Woods

Around our nest I am always taking pictures. But its not often that you see The 4-Crow's pictured together! Give us a holiday like Easter where I get to coordinate our outfits and you can bet my nest that I am going to get some snapshots! Special thanks to my Moma for getting these in after church on Sunday. Which I have to tell a funny story about that one.
We attended my hometown church of Rexroat Baptist in Wilson. We were in the middle of singing The Old Rugged Cross, you know the verse where Jesus died on the tree. Well Kaybrie was really paying attention. She looked up at me and said pretty loud- Jesus did not die on a tree, He died on THE CROSS! She was determined to set the Baptist Hymnal Straight!

Moma & Daddy Crow
Braden & Kaybrie
The Family- yes my arm is at a weird angle, the wind was blowing and  I had just finished moving my hair, not sure if I was putting it down or on my hip! LOL
Now its your turn to tell The RHOK what is going on in your Neck of the Woods. Make sure you link up this week, because we want to know!


Nadine Hightower said...

very good family photo!!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Beautiful! :) Kids volume just seems to naturally increase in church!