Monday, March 7, 2011

Today's Post....MckLinky Monday: Spring Cleaning


I must admit its a very "low" grade fever at this point, but I have the Spring cleaning fever. Spring is officially 13 days away and although I can't wait to get outside and finally get some much needed Vitamin D. I really, really, really wish I would just get HGTV'd! Helllllooooo........wake up ShaRhonda/Mrs. Hart, your still in Oklahoma and better get to humbling yourself now. It's time for me to quit wishing my life away by flipping the remote and start putting some of those ideas I have watched to work myself- and it also helps that I do have a great friend who works with organizing, material and style everyday!
Today's MckLinky at The RHOK is Spring Cleaning: Before and After Challenge and yours truly is hosting!
Now aren't you at bit curious to see what I cleaned up and organized in my house?
Come back & tell me what you think! And don't forget to link up! I will be visiting!

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