Friday, March 4, 2011

Moma Crow's Friday Confessions


I joined the iFamily this week! Yes I got me a #4 16GB and DID NOT pay $200 for it! $75 for my new baby! Yes, I went the refurbished route- which I was assured was only considered a refurb because someone bought it, didn't like it and returned it within 30 days! When delivered on Monday- it was a perfect specimen! I immediately went to the local AT&T store bought my Pink OtterBox and 1 1/2 year warranty and they threw in a charger for FREE! So Yes, my CONFESSION is I still spent $200 of our tax refund on myself- and DH held my hand while doing it!

While at the AT&T store, I We left our children in the van! The boy is 10 and the girl is 4! What? We left them a phone! I CONFESS, they called us 2X in the 7 minutes it took to do the dealing. One for a potty break and one for a pulled tooth.

I CONFESS I came clean on a four year lie to my 10 year old. There is NO Tooth Fairy! He was shocked. Really? Truly? His main concerns were about how the fairy dust got there and if Santa was still real. I just looked at him and said I would never tell and as long as he still believed, he would still receive. I was very proud of him the next morning when he found the $1 and dust and came running to get his sister out of bed to show her. Yes, he is a great big brother and will keep the dream alive for her. He did this on his own, without me telling him. The $1 was spent that day on ice cream in the school cafeteria!

I CONFESS I have a BIG MOUTH! But here is the deal, tactfully put. If you don't want me to open it and put my two cents in, then don't tell me things that shouldn't be any of my business to start with. Enough said!

I CONFESS, I really really got my feelings hurt in a place that I never thought would happen in. Basically, it goes back to the saying if you don't have something nice to say about something you really don't know the information about, then don't say it. I've been praying about it and even asked for additional prayer in the matter. It's all revealed to us in Revelations, folks. Persecution at its best!

I CONFESS those last two were vague- but I feel better!

I CONFESS, I did not do any laundry this week and am paying for it right now- 4 loads is too much on a Friday night!

I CONFESS, I went to a Parent/Teacher conference yesterday and am madder at the school than I am my son! His grades are still decent, but the expectations seem really extreme for a 4th grader!

I CONFESS that I am having to put my kid's ahead of me this weekend. I had plans for two events and both have been cancelled due to basketball tournaments. Sorry for being a no show at a bridal shower and even sorrier to my Mrs. Oklahoma friends. The reason for the confession is I feel a little bit selfish, even though I am really excited about my son's team going so far, so late in the season! Very Proud Moma!

I CONFESS, I am really loving this meme and getting to review things even if they are mostly gripes this week is helping! Thanks Mamarazzi!


Impulsive Addict said...

YAY for the iphone 4! And what a deal! Good for you!

I think leaving your kiddos in the car for that short amount of time WITH A PHONE is perfectly fine. Now if they were 2 and 4, I might not feel that way.

So proud of your son for keepin' the secret. =)

I'm glad you joined in this week. Confession is always good for the soul!

Have a great weekend~

Rose Marie B said...

I followed your lead and posted my 1st Friday Confessional. Takes a load off doesn't it? I hope you can take a look at my new, totally amateur, dorky blog and any input would be helpful to this newcomer. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Ashley said...

excited you got an iphone!! go you!!
Awww. thats great that he kept it a secret!!! he will make her tooth fairy expierence even better!!

I joined in this week too!! i like the confession meme...

btw one of my confessions was regarding the hall/room of laundry that has been overlooked all week you are not alone!!

jennykate77 said...

Congrats on the iPhone 4!!! You totally deserved that $200 of tax refund money! :)

You're a great mama! Always putting your kiddos ahead of yourself.

I love that when you told your little (big) boy about the Tooth Fairy he still played along for his little sister!! That's the sweetest thing!

Loved your FCs! :)