Monday, March 21, 2011

MckLinky Monday: Who Am I?

Oh, all know The Moma Crow, the writer of this blog, and hopefully ♥Mrs. Hart♥ at The RHOK, but what Mrs. Edwards is really looking for today's MckLinky Monday is:
Who I am as a blogger!
Have you ever looked at your blogging stats?  You can find out how many views your blog has in a day (a week, a month, etc.), the most viewed posts, and traffic sources.
Oh the traffic sources, very interesting. Go to your "Stats" tab (from your Blogger Dashboard, if you use Blogger, click on "Traffic Sources" and down at the bottom it will give you the top ten "Search Keywords" 10 keywords that bring people to your blog.
Wanna see my top ten?
 Keep in mind I recently just reopened my blog to the public so my keywords are VERY low! (6)   Duh!
ww.moma (3)  What? World Wrestling Moma, maybe?
that I'll just show you the box (2) Who knows! (2) Obviously an inquiry since this Friday night when I became a DOT COM
4 crows blog (1) someone was searching for me
crockpot recipes (1) obviously from a recent MckLinky Monday
crows cartoon spring clean (1) another recent MckLinky Monday- don't know where the cartoon came from
crows oh tiaras (1) yes, I had a post about tiaras
fathers b'day wishes (1) we have a dad and he had a bday
feet of a 9 year old girl (1) Yeah, IDK

And my most popular post of this past year!

Now its your turn, Who are you as a blogger? Link up and tell us today at The RHOK!


Baloney said...

It's funny to see everyone's search stuff.
I wonder if they found what they were looking for with "feet of a 9 year old."

Brandy@YDK said...

people search for the weirdest things. I know i do. lol

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

"feet of a 9 year old"?? That's an odd one!

Your searched words are interesting! It's good that they're searching for you and your blog!

Thanks for linking up!

~Mrs. E