Sunday, March 20, 2011

I See The Moon...

When Braden was a baby, I used to sing the following song to him:

I see the moon and the moon sees me,
 God loves the moon and God loves me 
and God loves someone I want to see.

Of course, since this blog IS meant to be for my kids and grandkids to reflect on and read later, I must put that when he was a baby it was a chapter of our life that was a very difficult time for both of us. A time that I don't write about, and maybe should in a private journal, since it was before we became The 4-Crow's. I am thankful for that time though. It was a growing time for Braden and I. A discovery time for me. Without that time we certainly wouldn't be where we are or who we are today! 
All part of God's Great Big Plan! Thank you Lord!

Last night's Super Moon- a little cloudy in Broken Arrow!
I thought this shot was very pretty. Even though the clouds are covering it, look at the definition of the clouds and how bright the moon is!

Did you get any Moon Pictures?


Baloney said...

It looks like the moon is smoking. Great shots! We had too many clouds to see it (or so Doc said).

Liz said...

Good pics! Yes, you and Braden did have a rough time of it, but I think it made you both closer and stronger! Love ya!