Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MckLinky Monday: Spring Fashion Wants

Mrs. Sinclair obviously likes to SHOP, or else she would not have picked this topic for today's MckLinky Monday at The RHOK! Spring Fashion Finds.  LOL- What Housewife doesn't?
 Now that I have been shopping online, mine have turned to WANTS!!!
Thank you Mrs. Sinclair. Besides, it really is time to reward myself- I'm not quite sure any of my clothes from last summer are going to fit. Yes, they will be a little to BIG!!!

Look at this cute shirt from Dress Barn for $19.99.
Trapunto Stitched Trapeze Top
I have to have new capri's- and I have a coupon for $20 off a $50 purchase starting March 31 at
Rue 21! Both pair are $26.99!
Curvy 23
How cute is this top from Cato for $17.99?

Oh an I am loving these flipflops from YellowBox, these are the Boston design! $48.00 at Zappos!
Product Image
....and I want this shirt from Katydid $32.95!
Black S/S FOOTBALL MOM T-Shirt #F10CSSR-099

 Now, who wants to go shopping with or for me? Mother's Day is coming up real soon and all major credit cards are accepted! We look forward to seeing your fashion finds, so make sure you link up!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week in Review from Our Nest

Week in Review: R.I.P., Liz; Get Lost, Chris; Welcome Back, Casey; Hello, Kirstie!

Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen, Jimmy Kimmel, Kirstie Alley, Casey Abrams, Elizabeth Taylor

The E Title says it all, just as the picture, as far as it goes for entertainment this week around our household! Oh, and Army Wives- can't forget the big cliffhanger there that has left me and all of my Girlz on Twitter in a tizzy. I'm afraid one box of tissues just may not be the same after tomorrow nights episode and the friendships that have formed across twitterverse may be forever entwined- counseling may be needed!

The kid's are back from Nana and Papa's. Jason and I went and picked them up on Sunday.
 Braden received a firsthand education on cattle life. He now knows a little bit about birthing calves and that there isn't exactly a magic door that opens and that the belly button isn't the keyhole-yeah long story.
Kaybrie learned to cuss- she told my niece that she was going to kick her a$$ out of the pickup- poor preacher's daughter, I am so sorry Mika. She also came home talking about being a 'whiny butt'. Apparently her Nana took care of these matters and no further correction is needed. We will see.

School this week. Well, the teachers in public school wasted no time getting into the swing of things. Who exactly is homework for anyway? Students or their Parents? Decimals, Probability, Fractions, Social Studies, English. My problem is, I can't teach it down to a 4th grade level. I can get the answer. I think school is tough on parent/child relationships and ours is really being challenged. Please pray for us.

Guess what? Kaybrie will be playing T-Ball and wanna know what else, I'm her Coach. Yep, Coach Crow. Geesh, what do I get myself into. Just how many hats can I wear? I am so excited!! Kaybrie is too! She said and did a lot of cute things this week. She wanted to know one morning on the way to school- "Moma, when is it warm like a lamb?" And you think they don't listen to the things we say...and come up w their own analogies of the weather! In chapel on Wednesday at school her friend fell asleep, she was very amused and kept trying to pull her friends eyes open. Yes, she is ornery.

Braden and I went on a date last night. The Applebees guy looked at me weird when I told him we were on a date. Really? Did he think I was robbing the cradle that much? He must not be close to his Mom, poor boy. After eating, we went and saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules. It was much needed Mother/Son time. Jason and Kaybrie tracked down a puzzle at Grandma's and worked it together, they needed that time together as well.

I know, I didn't talk about Jason and I much- we're kind of boring that way, LOL! We worked, ate, slept...the normal. But of course we participated in all of the above activities, that is just a given.

And that's this week's Week in Review from Our Nest

Monday, March 21, 2011

MckLinky Monday: Who Am I?

Oh, okay...you all know The Moma Crow, the writer of this blog, and hopefully ♥Mrs. Hart♥ at The RHOK, but what Mrs. Edwards is really looking for today's MckLinky Monday is:
Who I am as a blogger!
Have you ever looked at your blogging stats?  You can find out how many views your blog has in a day (a week, a month, etc.), the most viewed posts, and traffic sources.
Oh the traffic sources, very interesting. Go to your "Stats" tab (from your Blogger Dashboard, if you use Blogger, click on "Traffic Sources" and down at the bottom it will give you the top ten "Search Keywords"...top 10 keywords that bring people to your blog.
Wanna see my top ten?
 Keep in mind I recently just reopened my blog to the public so my keywords are VERY low!

the4crows.blogspot.com (6)   Duh!
ww.moma (3)  What? World Wrestling Moma, maybe?
that I'll just show you the box (2) Who knows!
the4crows.com (2) Obviously an inquiry since this Friday night when I became a DOT COM
4 crows blog (1) someone was searching for me
crockpot recipes (1) obviously from a recent MckLinky Monday
crows cartoon spring clean (1) another recent MckLinky Monday- don't know where the cartoon came from
crows oh tiaras (1) yes, I had a post about tiaras
fathers b'day wishes (1) we have a dad and he had a bday
feet of a 9 year old girl (1) Yeah, IDK

And my most popular post of this past year!

Now its your turn, Who are you as a blogger? Link up and tell us today at The RHOK!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I See The Moon...

When Braden was a baby, I used to sing the following song to him:

I see the moon and the moon sees me,
 God loves the moon and God loves me 
and God loves someone I want to see.

Of course, since this blog IS meant to be for my kids and grandkids to reflect on and read later, I must put that when he was a baby it was a chapter of our life that was a very difficult time for both of us. A time that I don't write about, and maybe should in a private journal, since it was before we became The 4-Crow's. I am thankful for that time though. It was a growing time for Braden and I. A discovery time for me. Without that time we certainly wouldn't be where we are or who we are today! 
All part of God's Great Big Plan! Thank you Lord!

Last night's Super Moon- a little cloudy in Broken Arrow!
I thought this shot was very pretty. Even though the clouds are covering it, look at the definition of the clouds and how bright the moon is!

Did you get any Moon Pictures?

Monday, March 14, 2011

MckLinky Monday: Treasures

I orginally published the following story on The RHOK in May 2010 about a gift from my Grandma Emma that I cherish greatly. Today, Mrs. Albright asked us to share some of our "Treasures" that we have from our past. I took this to mean things passed down from my Grandparents and sadly, I don't have many. I don't have many items from my childhood or from when I was a baby- those things were lost in a fire when I was in 5th grade. I do have a box full of dolls and knicknacks that were acquired after that event and some I have since passed on to my daughter. As I think more and more about it, these are a few of my material "Treasures"!

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Treasure as:

1:  a (1) : wealth (as money, jewels, or precious metals) stored up or hoarded
    (2) : wealth of any kind or in any form : riches b : a store of money in reserve

2:  something of great worth or value; also : a person esteemed as rare or precious

3:  a collection of precious things

This is a sampling of my Raggedy Ann Collection
A crocheted Wilson Eagle Cheerleader made for me by a dear cousin, my one and only Cabbage Patch Kid- Julia Faith, my "My Child", my "Piggy Bank" and my one and only baby toy a musical apple- somehow it did survive the fire!
Above all though- of all the treasures I have these two TREASURES are my best ever-
My kids Braden and Kaybrie!
They are truly God's Treasures for Jason and I to raise up into fine adults and future parents.
 This MckLinky Monday has been a great reflection upon what true treasures are to me, not what I don't have in material items- but what I truly am blessed with in memories, love and what I can give of myself to pass down to my children.

If you haven't already, please visit The RHOK, read the other posts, and link up your own post. We would love to read about your Treasures.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today's Post is at...

See what one of our activities during the Great Snowmageddon of 2011 was.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today's Post....MckLinky Monday: Spring Cleaning


I must admit its a very "low" grade fever at this point, but I have the Spring cleaning fever. Spring is officially 13 days away and although I can't wait to get outside and finally get some much needed Vitamin D. I really, really, really wish I would just get HGTV'd! Helllllooooo........wake up ShaRhonda/Mrs. Hart, your still in Oklahoma and better get to humbling yourself now. It's time for me to quit wishing my life away by flipping the remote and start putting some of those ideas I have watched to work myself- and it also helps that I do have a great friend who works with organizing, material and style everyday!
Today's MckLinky at The RHOK is Spring Cleaning: Before and After Challenge and yours truly is hosting!
Now aren't you at bit curious to see what I cleaned up and organized in my house?
Come back & tell me what you think! And don't forget to link up! I will be visiting!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Moma Crow's Friday Confessions


I joined the iFamily this week! Yes I got me a #4 16GB and DID NOT pay $200 for it! $75 for my new baby! Yes, I went the refurbished route- which I was assured was only considered a refurb because someone bought it, didn't like it and returned it within 30 days! When delivered on Monday- it was a perfect specimen! I immediately went to the local AT&T store bought my Pink OtterBox and 1 1/2 year warranty and they threw in a charger for FREE! So Yes, my CONFESSION is I still spent $200 of our tax refund on myself- and DH held my hand while doing it!

While at the AT&T store, I We left our children in the van! The boy is 10 and the girl is 4! What? We left them a phone! I CONFESS, they called us 2X in the 7 minutes it took to do the dealing. One for a potty break and one for a pulled tooth.

I CONFESS I came clean on a four year lie to my 10 year old. There is NO Tooth Fairy! He was shocked. Really? Truly? His main concerns were about how the fairy dust got there and if Santa was still real. I just looked at him and said I would never tell and as long as he still believed, he would still receive. I was very proud of him the next morning when he found the $1 and dust and came running to get his sister out of bed to show her. Yes, he is a great big brother and will keep the dream alive for her. He did this on his own, without me telling him. The $1 was spent that day on ice cream in the school cafeteria!

I CONFESS I have a BIG MOUTH! But here is the deal, tactfully put. If you don't want me to open it and put my two cents in, then don't tell me things that shouldn't be any of my business to start with. Enough said!

I CONFESS, I really really got my feelings hurt in a place that I never thought would happen in. Basically, it goes back to the saying if you don't have something nice to say about something you really don't know the information about, then don't say it. I've been praying about it and even asked for additional prayer in the matter. It's all revealed to us in Revelations, folks. Persecution at its best!

I CONFESS those last two were vague- but I feel better!

I CONFESS, I did not do any laundry this week and am paying for it right now- 4 loads is too much on a Friday night!

I CONFESS, I went to a Parent/Teacher conference yesterday and am madder at the school than I am my son! His grades are still decent, but the expectations seem really extreme for a 4th grader!

I CONFESS that I am having to put my kid's ahead of me this weekend. I had plans for two events and both have been cancelled due to basketball tournaments. Sorry for being a no show at a bridal shower and even sorrier to my Mrs. Oklahoma friends. The reason for the confession is I feel a little bit selfish, even though I am really excited about my son's team going so far, so late in the season! Very Proud Moma!

I CONFESS, I am really loving this meme and getting to review things even if they are mostly gripes this week is helping! Thanks Mamarazzi!

Totally Oklahoma Awesome'n

Look who showed up at the end of Braden's basketball game last night at the Boys & Girls Club in Broken Arrow! Getting a trophy for 3rd place in league, securing your spot in a second tournament game, and then posing with the legendary Eddie Sutton, former boys basketball coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys! Totally cool for a 10 year old boy!

Braden & Coach Eddie Sutton

Who is the most famous person you have ever met?
For me, Chuck Norris! Read about it at The RHOK!