Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Friday Confession

Okay, I'm gonna try out this little meme...I'm gonna get it all out into the open m'kay. Confess my little big sin for the week and tell the blogosphere all about it!

Are you ready?
I bought Girl Scout Cookies.
$24 worth. That would be 6 boxes. Only 4 were for The 4-Crow's, see I'm smart like that. The other two went home with my sweet dear MIL, where I am sure she will serve them to her guest this week and next with coffee. Yeah she's nice about things like that.
Guess how many boxes are now left at my house?
ZERO. None. Zilch. Nada.
Now you wanna guess how many cookies I ate?
I'll do better than that, I'll just show you the box and will spare you and I the nutritional information!
So much for being down to 160lbs by April 15th- and it was 15 cookies!

Now I'm sure there are a lot, lot more confessions that I need to make but this one is the biggest one weighing on my hips right now. Oh, and did you know that there is a recipe similar to the Samoas, which by the way just celebrated its 35th anniversary and is one of the top selling cookies including the Thin Mints- which I've eaten a few of also...
So in addition to the 6 snow diet blowing days we just had, I just wasted another 5 days on a $4 purple box!
And no, the box of cookies really didn't make me that happy!!!



Stacie said...

Now, I'm gonna feel guilty if I go eat those Thin MInts in the freezer!

Life with the Lebedas said...

I have the problem too! I have to avoid them all together or i will eat every single one of them! I bet they were good though!

Baloney said...

I have just not been able to try Samoas. I'm a Thin Mint gal myself (8 boxes not yet opened over here).

Dawn said...

I pretty much like ALL the girl scout cookies. I didn't even buy any this year because I know exactly what will happen .... I'll eat them all. Ha!