Monday, February 14, 2011

MckLinky Monday: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day!
What does it mean to my family. Hmmm...Well this year its a little laid back! Braden went back to school after having a 13 day SNOW BREAK. His Valentine's Party has been postponed until February 25th. What is the school thinking with that one? At least I get to go buy everything 1/2 off or more for his party. Kaybrie missed her Valentine's Party at school on Friday, she was home with the Chicken Pox. I guess the "spots" started on Wednesday but were not confirmed by a doctor until Thursday night. Since she had been vaccinated, the pox were very mild and very unlike the old time ones that covered, itched, scabbed and caused fever. I did manage to grab Braden an iTunes card and Kaybrie a Valentine Barbie along with everyone a card finally when I ran into the grocery store after finding out Kaybrie had to stay away from everyone though. I mean really, after two snowstorms, 20" of snow and a sickness, holidays are really
not the first thing on your mind.
So, today is finally Valentine's Day, like I said Braden went to school, Kaybrie was allowed to go back to school, and I was also allowed to go back to work- yes, allowed! Working with infants, means that the childcare worker can't be a carrier either. Oh, and Jason had the day off- he worked Saturday!
So how did my Sweetheart and I celebrate our love for each other?

We exchanged cards!!!
(He went to Wal-Mart at 7:45 this morning)

He made me cry. Did he make you?

And of course he reads his first- we kiss, then I read mine- we kiss!

Now you know all the mushy stuff thanks to those nosy Housewives at The RHOK!! Don't you just love us?
Won't you tell us how you spend your Valentine's Day?

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Mom Mayhem says: said...

Ahww -Cute cards! Yeah things seemed to be a little off with all the snow and all -I'm glad we got a call to confirm they were still having their V-day party today :)