Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Great Snowmageddon

January 2011 went out with a blast and we met February 2011 with nothing but WHITE!
13" inches of snow at our house! Schools across Oklahoma were cancelled before the clouds even had a chance to drop any onto the ground, that is how sure the forecasters were of this Winter Blast!
People are calling it a Snowmageddon 2011, LOL!
Might be, the car lots even shut down- Daddy Crow was called and told to stay home, guess the parts selling will have to wait until after the storm ;-)!

Jason trying to clear the garage so we can maybe get our cars out- no luck!

Part drift, part what he did manage to get shoveled and swept of the drive.

The shovel...
...yep, just a little over 13 inches- Yikes!


Chell said...

We have yet to venture outside to tackle the shoveling. I am hoping the wind just blows it all away.

Dawn said...

Great snow pics!!