Monday, January 31, 2011

MckLinky Monday: Everything You Want to Know About Me & More

Today at The RHOK Mrs. Sinclair is being a nosy housewife! Well, let's just see if I surprise her on anything! I really doubt it. When you are done reading my list head on over to The RHOK and link up your own list and make sure you read everyone else's. I have a feeling all of us are going to have plenty of time to be doing a lot of reading over the next few days with this big snowstorm coming in. Up to 18"?!? I'll believe it when I see it! Happy MckLinky Monday Everyone!


•Name - ShaRhonda Kay
•Nicknames - ShaRay, Mommy, Moma, Mom
•Any birth marks - Yes
•Hair color - Dark Brown
•Natural hair color - Dark Brown
•Eye color - Brown
•Height - 5’9”
•Mood - Overwhelmed
•Favorite color - Cranberry
•One Place You Want to Visit - Tahiti

•Love or lust - Love
•Cats or dogs – Both if they are outside
•A few best friends or many regular friends - Both
•Television or internet - I really can’t choose.
•Chinese or Indian food - Chinese
•Wild night out or romantic night in - Depends on who I'm with! With the girls-out! With my man- totally IN!
•Money or Happiness - Happiness (again, both?)
•Night or day - Day
•MSN or phone - Who does MSN anymore? Twitter, FB or Text!

 •Ever performed in front of a large crowd - Yes
•Ever done drugs - No!
•Ever consumed alcohol- Yes, but never been drunk or had a hangover!
•Ever Been on a dance team - NO!
•Ever been on a sports team - Yes
•Ever been in a drama play/production - Yes
•Ever owned a BMW, Mercedes Benz, Escalade, Hummer or Bentley? - No
•Ever been in a rap video? - No

•Last phone call you made - Jason
•Last person you hung out with - My kids
•Last person you tackled - Really? That's getting kind of TMI
•Last person you IM’d - Texted? My Moma
•Last person(s) you went to the movies with - Jason
•Last thing you missed - A Snicker Bar
•Last thing you ate - Special K Bar


•Pierce your nose or tongue? - Nose
•Be serious or be funny? - Serious
•Drink whole or skim milk? - Skim
•Spend time with your parents or enemies? - Parents

•Simple or complicated? - Complicated

 •Flowers or candy? - Flowers, wait chocolate is candy- right?
•Gray or black? - Black
•Color or Black and white photos? - Color
•Sunrise or sunset? - Sunset
•Staying up late or waking up early? - Up late!

•Sun or moon? - Sun
•Left or right? - Right
•Sun or rain? - Sun
•Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? - Chocolate
•Vodka or Jack Daniels? - Vodka
•Nervous Habits? Picking my nails
•Are you double jointed? - No
•Can you twist your tongue around and roll it? - Yes
•Can you raise one eyebrow? - Yes
•Can you cross your eyes? - Yes
•Do you make your bed daily? - Yes

•Which shoe goes on first? - Left (OMGrapeJelly, I never really thought of this one before)
•Ever thrown something at someone? - Yes
•On average, how much money do you carry with you? -Usually $10 or less
•What jewelry do you wear? - Wedding Ring, Earrings and Necklace
•Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? - Twirl
•Have you ever eaten Spam? - Yes
•Favorite ice cream? - Moolennium Crunch
•How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet? 7 What? There's a snowstorm coming!
•What’s your favorite beverage? Diet Coke
•Do you cook? Of course

•Last Alcoholic Drink: Wine
•Last Car ride:  To Wilson, OK
•Last Movie watched: Knight and Day

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wear Your Tiara & Gown

Kaybrie our little Princess, seven other little princesses and a grown up princess donned their tiaras and gowns on Saturday to celebrate her 4th birthday! Oh what pretty princesses they were and what a wonderful time they had playing together. I can only imagine what it would have been like had they had a grand ballroom and a huge castle with lots and lots of rooms to run and play in!
 Here she is before the party, she is doing this new tilt of the head pose for pictures thing with a no teeth smile!
 Our little Princess Aurora holding her Tangled Baby Doll
 The Birthday Princess and The Grown Up Princess- Kaybrie's cousin Ashley. The little girls all had their pictures made with the beautiful princess.
 Something was obviously very funny to Kaybrie in this picture!
 The princesses are checking out each others shoes, so cute and girly!
 One of Kaybrie's many gifts, this one was from us- an original Gerber Babydoll from 1979, it was in the box w/ tags still on it. (an Etsy find for $30- these dolls are not made any more and can be sold for as high as $200, I will blog about the importance of this doll later- stay tuned)
The cupcakes- Kaybrie always picks white cake and strawberry icing, this year she wanted sprinkles!

I can only imagine what all the little girls dreamed of that night. My prayer is that they all will all grow up and be as smart and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, just like Ashley. It is fun and so innocent to play dress-up and to be a princess. An imagination is a great thing to have, just like great friends. It makes my heart smile that all of these little friends could come to Kaybrie's 4th Birthday Party and celebrate with us!

That's Our Boy

He really is my boy!

 I have no doubt now, none at all that they did not switch him when they took him out of the hospital room that ONE and ONLY time to take care of...well you know that little surgery that only baby boy's get before they leave the hospital to go home with their Mommy! Of course, now that I have written that piece of information he is really going to wish he had been switched.
Why do I know he is mine?
He made straight A's the second 9 weeks of school!
At the awards assembly on January 28th, 2011, he was recognized for a total of five achievements including
Principals Honor Roll, Mighty Mustang Student of the Month and Perfect Attendance.

Braden all smiles after the assembly
Proud Moma & Son
Grandma doesn't miss any of her grandchildren's events!
Braden & Miss Sloan

Braden, Moma and Daddy are so proud of you. Regardless of what your grades are, we love you and know that if you do your best you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to do. We will always stand behind you no matter what. You are our boy and we love you!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Much Fun!

Finally we got SNOW!! Yeah I sound a little bit excited, right? Well, the only good any snow does for me is the following:

1. Maybe a Snow Day out of school...or two!
2. An opportunity to eat a 8x8 pan of brownies practically by myself (How can that possibly be good?)
3. Finally an opportunity for my kids to get out and play so I can get some Snow Memories!

Miss Kaybrie will probably grow up and move somewhere where it is really cold and snowy all the time! She loves the white stuff and would play for hours.
They tried to build a snowman, but Frosty wasn't to be found in this round...too dry!
Oh, Braden...can't you just tell by the grin that something he thinks is fun is getting ready to happen. My only saving grace is that I always have the camera in my hands!

My saving grace becomes his sister's biggest nightmare. Can you just hear the scream that is getting ready to happen? Brother and Sister love. I wouldn't trade it for anything. But, I will always have my camera ready!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Post... at The RHOK!
Find out how ♥Mrs. Hart♥ Takes Time to Wiggle the Waggles!
Here is a sneak peak, make sure you go read the story behind the waggles!

Monday, January 17, 2011

MckLinky Monday: 5 Things I Can't Do Anymore...

I am thinking the title of my MckLinky can be changed to SHOULDN'T do anymore!
I shouldn't jump on a trampoline...

...if I do then I must wear one of these!

Kotex® Maxi, Regular
Yep, I know you wanted to know that but its my blog and I am an honest writer. And believe me no amount of kegels are ever going to strengthen those pelvic muscles. But, jumping is good exercise and my kids love for me to do it with them!

I shouldn't watch movies like this....
... sci-fy and I just don't go together! I dream and attack whoever is in bed with me! Jason loves it, just ask him.
I shouldn't ever drink one of these...
...I get very hyper, but occasionally I CRAVE one! Old habits die hard!
Take that old habit of a Dr. Pepper and pair it up with this shouldn't...
...and remember the saying a moment on the lips an lifetime on the hips? Well my hips don't lie, do they?

Is that only four? What is my #5?
I shouldn't, I can't, never could DANCE---someone puullleeeze help me because April 15th is coming soon and not only have I not lost the last 15lbs but I am still expected to do the Mom Dance at Kaybrie's ballet recital in heels to "All you Single Ladies" by Beyonce'!!

Now it is your turn to tell the Housewives what you can't do anymore. Link up at The RHOK!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Today's Post....

is at The RHOK!

Yes, Mrs. Hart cooked up a little competition in bloggerland for today's MckLinky Monday!
Superbowl XLV is coming up and housewives across the country know that the most memorable of all the event will not be the game, or even the commercials, but the food! So The RHOK has invited bloggers from across the country to link up their recipes until January 21, 2011 for an opportunity to be featured as a winner on February 4th! How cool is that? Now don't you want to be the talk of the block? Get on over to The RHOK and link up!