Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Weekend: Double Digits, Lobsters, PJ's & Pigtails- Oh My!

Happy 10th (DOUBLE DIGIT) Birthday
Braden Chase
Birthday party at home w/ friends and family dinner at Red Lobster!

...and a PJ & Pigtail Christmas Party with the RHOK Star's!!

Put a face to The RHOK Housewives time!
L to R,  Back Row
 Jenny Kate aka Mrs. Edwards, Me aka Mrs. Hart, Aubree aka Mrs. Sinclair,  Georgie aka Mrs. Bundy, Jonni aka Mrs. Priss, Christy aka Mrs. Coco 
Sitting: Jen aka Mrs. Montgomery and Dawn aka Mrs. Albright 

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Rhonda said...

Happy (late) birthday to Braden! I miss that boy so much, but at least I get to keep up with him and the whole family via the blogosphere! Thanks for keeping us informed!