Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Monday, September 27, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Pet Peeve


What is your favorite pet peeve as of late?

First of all I detest the word wienie. I think the word is a borderline synonym of a part of the male anatomy. Whatever, don't ask me. I also believe that coffee and cigarettes killed my grandparents so that's why I don't do either one. Well, I'm getting a little better with the coffee thing...but its still way back in my childhood mind! So around my house we call wienie's or wieners- Hot Dogs!
So my pet peeve started again two weeks ago. I went to my son's football game in Pryor, OK. Now mind you, I now live in a large city, Broken Arrow, OK, a suburb of Tulsa, population approximately 97,000 and I grew up in a town of 1,803. In both places, when you asked for a hot dog at the concession stand you got the entire thing. Meat and Bun!
Well, I asked for a hot dog and only got a bun. Whaaaat? Yeah, I looked down at my bun, up at the lady and asked, "Can I have a wienie, with my bun?" She looked at me like I was crazy and then pointed to the right and told me it was at the grill. At the grill? Well, fancy that. I think she just wanted me to say the "w" word.
And, it just keeps going on. The "w" curse. This morning I go to make a grocery list and pull out the bottom meat crisper. What do I find, someone in my family opened a package of Hot Dogs and did not drain the juice off of them before putting unclosed package back into the crisper. Now I have "w" juice all over everything. Just another nasty pet peeve to clean up!
At least the Wiener Mobile hasn't penetrated my home like it did this one in July of 2009! Really, it did- read about it here!

Monday, September 20, 2010

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Read what I think my kiddos would say about Moma & Daddy Crow on Career Day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

MckLinky Monday: A Few of My Favorite Things...


Favorite Actor: 

Hmmm let's see I drool over only one MAN (okay maybe two) other than my husband and that would be-


My Favorite Actress:

Sandra Bullock

My name at The RHOK came from the role she played in Miss Congeniality, Gracie Hart.
This picture is from Miss Congeniality 2.

Favorite Movie:

Miss Congeniality

Favorite Band:
I don't really have a fave, but I have a lot of likes!

I did get to go see these guys last year and danced and partied like it was 1989!

Def Leppard...

and Poison (Bret Michaels is my other drool man!)

Favorite Musical:
(yeah, really)

Favorite Novel:
I read a lot, well I used too... but I do not read books more than 1x! The only book that I have read more than once is my favorite and its sequel. I actually did my term paper in high school over these books.

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Gone with the Wind cover.jpg
Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley
Cover of ISBN: 0816155275

Favorite Cuisine:

Mexican or Italian
(do I really have to show a picture of this?)

Favorite Drink:
Route 44 Sonic Diet Coke w/ extra ice!

Favorite Store:
Is it my fave? IDK, is it where all my DH's $ goes, oh yeah...

Favorite Vampire:
Seriously? Okay, so I have read the Twilight Series, and I don't dare miss a movie and everyone knows I'm Team Edward, but the Cougar in me is soooo Team Taylor! But, if I remember correctly I did have a little bit of a crush on this bad boy vampire in my teen years!

Kiefer Sutherland
Favorite Primetime Series:
Army Wives
Just finished season 4, sure hoping for another couple of seasons! Come on Lifetime!

Army Wives: The Complete Third Season

Favorite Time Waster:
Do I have to put this one? My family gives me a hard enough time...

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging
Favorite Chore:
My husband would say LAUNDRY!
Me? Putting the kids to bed.

Favorite Quote:
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Phillipians 3:15

This didn't become my favorite until last year when I started bootcamp and broken my ankle. Yep, Pressing toward a goal, any goal for that matter is so important, but the ultimate goal is to be with Jesus Christ!

Favorite Smell:

Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion, Original Baby Scent
or maybe its the sweet babies it goes on

And Finally..My Favorite Vacation Spot:

Cruisin' in the Bahamas, next time I want to stay here- at the Atlantis on Paradise Island

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WW: Fall Festival in Wilson

Now folks, this is my HOMETOWN parade!
Wilson, Oklahoma celebrated its Fall Festival this past weekend in grand style! It was the first time in many years that I was actually home for it! I took my kids to the parade and then we went to my Moma's reunion. I had planned on going to the 20th reunion for the Class of 1990, but didn't make it! (No it wasn't my 20th, I still like two more years before I reach the BIG 2-0!) By far this was one of of the largest parades Wilson has had in a long time, or at least that was what I was told! Braden, made fun of it! My son is too Citified!

Here come the fire trucks- see I told you the cheerleaders and football players ride on them!
Here go the townspeople- they are begging for candy to be thrown from the vehicles!
Even though Braden wanted to poke fun, he still filled his pockets full of sugar!
Here comes a Semi- what is so important on that trailer bed? Oh, WHS Class of 1974
There is my Moma riding in the parade on the truck!

Here is "The Class"- very special,  actually is was a pretty special class the gentleman in the center is Wilson's first foreign exchange student, John Kneebone. He travelled all the way back from Australia for this event/reunion! A Great Time was had by all!
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Monday, September 6, 2010

MckLinky Monday- I Am A Superhero, Just Ask Me! Not!


Today's MckLinky at The RHOK is hosted by Mrs. Sinclair- she has a fun one this week!

What kind of Superhero would you be? She even gave us a site to go to, so we could design our Superhero!

Just ask and I will tell you- I AM a wanna be Superhero. Not exactly Wonder Woman, or SuperGirl...and certainly not SpiderGirl! I think more along the lines of a Super Mommy/Wife who has it all in order: clean house, organization, laundry put away, the perfect daughter and daughter in law, always feeding my babies and husband a healthy nutritious meal on time and of course at the proper temperature! Realistically my Superhero probably would look something like this.

Meet Sha-Ray, an Angel who hasn't quite earned her halo, who has her sword ready to take on whatever battle necessary to fight for her kids and man no matter what, of course a perfect figure and just like me always in comfortable flipflops with capri length pants!

What do you think? Are you laughing out loud yet? Marvelling in my beauty, huh?
Oh, did I mention the eyes in the back of my head? Great Mommy/Superhero feature to have!
Have a great week and don't forget to head over to The RHOK to link up this week!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Today I am posting as my alter ego ♥Mrs. Hart♥ over at The RHOK!
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Moma's Moonbeams

I just had to share these with my readers. These are my Moma's Moonbeams. She captured this shot early yesterday morning with her camera phone on her way to school. She doesn't text much, but she did text this picture to me! Very beautiful. Her labors throughout the year do not go unrecognized, her plants thrive because of her hard work!

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