Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WW: The Crow Wagging Tongue !?!?

Football practice started this week in Oklahoma and of course with it came the very HOT temperatures! I heard one person say 111*, but I only saw 106* in my car!  Our 4th grade team looks good so far, of course we are only two days into practice!
I caught the above picture in Tuesday nights practice, I just thought it was a cute Daddy/Son
Coach Crow/ Player moment but realized once I got home that it was a little more of a family trait moment that I hadn't noticed of my husband before. You see I've noticed that Kaybrie sticks her tongue out when she is focused on something and my MIL told me that her other son Marc does this as well. So now it is caught on digital camera: The Crow's have a Wagging Tongue!

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Mom Mayhem says: said...

Ha-Cute! We've been known to have a waggin tongue around here too ;)