Monday, August 16, 2010

MckLinky Monday: What Do I Write About?


Mrs. McGillicutty recently returned from the much coveted Blogger convention called BlogHer! Yes, over 2000 women this year congregated in New York City with the sole purpose of improving upon their writing skills, no intentions of touring or meeting any of the other fantabulous women in our great community we call the blogosphere! (wink, wink)

And with that inspiration she received she poses the question to us today. 

 Let's say you're in an elevator at a blogging convention, and you meet someone new. Or let's just say you're at your local blogger meet up or Twitter tweet up. Or let's just say you've just answered the question, "A Blog? What's a blog?"

When they ask you "What do you write about," what do you say?

Well, now for me that is a loaded question. Here at The 4-Crow's I write about my family. All the ins and outs of our life as we live, laugh, love and learn each day! This blog is private for the time being to protect my family from the prying eyes of those I do not want in. I am open to readers, and for the most part allow other readers in all they have to do is ask!  It is frustrating as a writer to be on the private blog list, but I am so thankful that I have found another outlet to share my writing.

Most of my readers know that I helped co-found another blog in April of 2010 called The Real Housewives of Oklahoma or The RHOK for short.  At The RHOK I write under the name of Mrs. Hart. The blog's purpose is to give a voice to south central United States women, primarily Oklahoma, primarily,  Housewives. Here I write about issues that I face day to day as a housewife, mother, and woman. I can use my southern humor, charm and conservatism. I write with the purpose of reaching to others who can relate to either what I have been, am, or will be going through!

I encourage all of my readers to make sure that you go to The RHOK today to read the other responses of this MckLinky Monday post today, while there write your own and link up!


Baloney said...

Well... I already knew all of that. :)

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Yep -You cover all that :) I know what you mean about trying not to let too many prying eyes in -I'm not private but,I'm can be kinda picky about who I let know about my blog :)

Beth Zimmerman said...

I understand the impulse to shield yourself and your family from prying eyes. I'm honored that you allowed me in! And I LOVE the RHOK!

jennykate77 said...

Well, I love both blogs! :)