Monday, August 23, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Two Truths and a Lie


Today at The RHOK Mrs. Priss came up with a fun game to play, a game called Two Truths and a Lie.

I will tell you three things about myself and you try to figure out which one is the lie.
I'll let you know the answer in the comments section.

Here goes:

1. My brother plays professional football!
2. My brother and I share the same birthday!
3. My brother is a preacher!

Gee, I must be needing to call my brother for some reason!!

Now which one is my lie, which two are my truths? After you tell me, I'll tell you! Then link up to The RHOK!!


Alice said...

I think #1 is the lie ???

Baloney said...

What's with the fascination with your brother today?! :)

ShaRhonda said...

Just focusing on family I guess...!

Kellyology said...

#1? Yes? Did I win?

Nadine Hightower said...

numero uno... I'd be shouting it from the treetops if my bubba played proball.

funny story... Seein' how you're private and all I can tell this.
I live outside of Miami, Oklahoma. And I worked for a vet and met a lot of really nice folks. One lady came in with her dog and started tellin' me all about her family. And I swear this is how she spoke...
"My Son Steve, Winner of the Heisman Trophy in 1969, he..." blah blah blah. 2 sentences later. "Well, when my son Steve, Winner of the Heisman Trophy in 1969comes home..."
Every time she mentioned her son, she always added "winner of the Heisman Trophy 1969"... I swear.
I love that family dearly and would never say a negative thing about any of them. She is one proud momma!! I know I'd be the same way.

♥Georgie♥ said...

I am guessing #1 as well...