Monday, August 9, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Back to School Time: Happy or Sad?


Mrs. Nesbitt brings to us the MckLinky Monday question at The RHOK today:

So how do you feel about this time of year? Is back to school a happy or sad time? Or maybe a little of both?

For me, although some of you will not believe it I'm a little-

Where did the summer go? I really had a lot of plans and didn't get any of them done! Of course I am already accustomed to getting up at 6:30 am now that I started babysitting on July 19th, but not so much accustomed to going to bed at midnight since football practice started last week!
Bitter, because lets just say I am not looking forward to my baby boy moving to a new school four miles away from home! It doesn't even look like I am going to be able to volunteer as HomeRoom Parent or Assistant this year-I mean how can I possibly with my newfound responsibilities called a JOB? :-(
And what about the bus stop, 3 blocks down the street by the main road, which is very busy I might add! Also, I hate it because I know how fast this school year will go by and that just means another year closer to my baby growing to adulthood!
Sweet, because finally maybe someone else can deal with his boredom and maybe they can inspire him to reach for his dreams and succeed in life! Oh and did I mention the 10 year old mouthiness and knowing more than me has officially arrived in my household. We are to the point where he wants to be tough one minute and cry like a banchy the next. I was introduced to his bicep muscles the other day- Lighting and Thunder! People really struggle with treating him like an almost 10 year old, being that he is as tall as most adult women at 5'1" and 98lbs.  He truly has a BIG heart, very sensitive. He will make a great boyfriend one of these days, and will definitely be left with a broken heart a few times I am afraid! Hopefully not! But, I have laid down the law, no girlfriends until after he finishes Medical School. He believes me for now. I think. LOL!
1st day of school 2009-2010. See how excited he was? He didn't even want to turn around for a picture!


♥Georgie♥ said...

he is so cute ShaRhonda! I agree back to school is bittersweet!

Mom Mayhem says: said...

I know what you mean -Bittersweet indeed!