Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Week of First's in Doctor Visits at the Crow's Nest

It is Summertime and of course we all know that means time to get those six month visits to the dentist done, or at least that is how my Moma always did it. Summer and Christmas Break! We finally got dental insurance and rather than pay and not use,  I finally found a dentist who would take the policy and it just so happens that my friend Kimberly is the hygienist there! Yay! Kaybrie being 3 now was finally ready for her first visit and she, unlike most visits to the doctor, wasn't so sure about the dentist! Braden on the other hand, piece of cake after all he has been several times!

Can you see how scared she is?

Look at what a big girl she is being. Check out her right hand, she got to wear a dentist glove!

The cleaning is done, and she even got to help by using the suction tool and guess what? No cavities- What a Big Girl!!

Can't leave Braden out of the dentist chair, my how he now fills that seat! The dentist said he is definitely a candidate for braces and guess what? No Cavities!! Yay!
Praise God for taking care of my babies and their teeth while we have had no insurance!!!

And Now Another First Experience

On Tuesday we went with The RHOK housewives, their kids and some other friends to Blue Hole in Salina, OK. There were about 42 total. Beautiful clear and cold water. I didn't read the email very well and we wore flip flops instead of buying water shoes.  Well, the B'ster was on the waterfall behind him, only a little farther down, and decided to try a trick off of the falls after being told not too...Boys will be Boys!!
He landed knees down in about 18 inches of water and severed his right kneecap through the muscle. I could hear him screaming Mommy above the running water, rushed to him,  seeing the people carry him out, terrified that he was paralyzed and nearly passing out once realizing it was only a huge gash. I drove like 80 mph to Pryor to an Urgent Care where he received a total of 10 stitches. Eight on top and two underneath.  Let me tell you my baby boy does not handle pain well and has a very weak stomach. He was like Bruce Banner turning into the Incredible Hulk-no lie! He finally was able to walk again on it Thursday and I am praying he will be ready for football camp again on Tuesday night.  These are his first stitches at nine years old and I can promise you it will definitely be a memorable experience for him!

The gash, thankfully it was clean!

At this point the wound it numb, why didn't they send some of that numbing stuff home with me?

All is better now at The Crow's Nest and I am praying for NO more doctor visits this summer!!


♥Georgie♥ said...

your children are soooo precious! I would have been freaking the freak out if that gash would have happened to one of my kiddos...I seriously do not think I could have drove! I have such a weak stomach that i got queasy just seeing a pic of his leg... sooo glad it wasn't worse and Praying he heals quickly

Delana said...

Ouch! Hope he feels better soon!

Baloney said...

Poor little guy. Those screams were awful!

Amy said...

Glad there were no cavities and the huge gash was relatively easy to treat (I would have passed out sitting there while someone put stitches into my baby boy!). Love your stories, ShaRhonda!