Monday, June 7, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Who Was I in High School?


Mrs. Priss is asking today at The RHOK the question Who Were You in High School?
Hmmm...Now that is a loaded question. At least for me, anyway.

My Wilson High School 1992 Senior Yearbook boasts:  
FHA 4yrs, FHA recreational Chairperson, FHA Reporter, FHA President, SADD 3yrs, SADD Treasurer 2yrs, Oklahoma Honor Society 4yrs, National Honor Society 3yrs, Blue Ribbon Scholar 4yrs, Top 10%, Newspaper Staff 2yrs, Newspaper Assistant Co-Editor 1991, Newspaper Co-Editor 1992, Student Council Treasurer, Annual Staff 2yrs, Academic Team 2yrs, Beta Club 4yrs, 1991 Beta Reporter, Who's Who 4yrs, Basketball 1yr, Drama Club, Co-Salutatorian and voted
 Miss Wilson High School and Most Dependable in the Senior Hall of Fame.

Looking back, I was INSECURE and MOTIVATED and was involved in anything and everything just to give me an idea of what I wanted to do beyond my hometown. I didn't party, I didn't date, geesh my senior class only had 35 and half of them I was related too! I wasn't a nerd, some people thought I was a little reserved, okay a lot reserved. I only had a few "close" friends, but then again we were all close in different ways. Yeah, we had our cliques, the jocks, the wild ones, the not so popular ones, the thugs- but my entire high school freshman through seniors might have held 120 students. Yeah, I was a teachers pet, I respected my elders. If I didn't they pretty much could flag my Daddy down on the road, oilfield or the hay pasture and tell him anything and everything about me, or so I believed. Too bad my little brother and sister didn't have the fear of my Daddy placed in them at an early age! Shoot, I still believed Daddy had spies in
Weatherford, OK when I went off to college, that is up until my sophomore year!

MOTIVATED, INSECURE, NAIVE and GULLIBLE me! Always wanting to excel in and at Everything!
That's who I was!
And at times, still am today!!!


Baloney said...

Your high school was really small! Your senior pic is gorgeous!

Dawn said...

I agree with Jonni, great senior picture.

I can't imagine graduating with just 35 people! That is small town.

Good for you for being so motivated, even today.

You really were involved in a lot.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Wow -Great pic and you sure had a lot of accomplishments! I'm always amazed at how small, small can be. Some people thought I was in a small town/high school but we had about 250 in my graduating class and who knows how many all together at school :)