Monday, June 21, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Role Reversal

Let's pretend mommies and daddies switched places for a day or two. How do you think everyone would fare in their new position? Would it go well? Would it be a disaster?

This is the question for today's MckLinky brought to us by the lovely Redneck Diva herself Mrs. Nesbitt.

How would The Crow's Nest fare? Honestly, I think we would do just fine. Daddy Crow on the other hand might have a thing or two to say about this post, so he just might not be privvy to it.

Waking up at 6 AM would take some getting used to, but I've done it way earlier than that before.

I tend to be a bit bossy, yeah that comes w/ being the oldest and having the B.S. in Management and the MRS. degrees, so the lazy guy at his work either wouldn't work there any longer, or I might not!

Getting to sit in the DAMN recliner- Score!!!

Not having to decide what is for dinner, nice...

Me bringing home the $, someone else spending it- well that is the American way!

Only getting to see my babies for 2 hours each night and 1 Sunday a week, except one weekend a month- Someone please wake me up from this nightmare of role switching, its not gonna work!!!


Getting to take my wife's "crazy" medicine will do me just fine, I can handle anything- BRING IT ON!

My kids fight? Never!

The house will be clean all the time and the laundry put away before 5pm, never a load in the dryer waiting for the dryer fairies!

When I pay the bills there will always be money left over.

The kid's will always be on time to every sporting and extracurricular event!

Can we take that "crazy" medicine away from him now please? Because obviously it has THAT effect on him! LOL!

Now, head on over to The RHOK, read how everyone else fared and make sure you link up!!


Beth Zimmerman said...

LOL! I think I need some of your "crazy medicine!" Mine obviously isn't working well enough!

Baloney said...

Hand over the crazy meds. I hear them calling my name.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Ha - I think I might need some crazy medicine ;)