Monday, June 28, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Oh yeah, it Happened

Today's question at The RHOK is brought to us by a newly inspired Mrs. McGillicutty aka Kelly at Kellyology!

Think about the day you met your spouse. Since then and due to their influence, what is the one thing that has changed about you that you never expected to happen?

Anyone that knows me well know that I come from an extremely athletic family. My Moma was an All-State basketball player and loved the game so much that when she became pregnant with me in January of her senior year of high school, she continued to dribble, shoot and bounce me along with her game. All three of us children grew up in playpens along the first or third base lines of a softball field while Moma played co-ed softball during the Summers. When I was four years old I was finally given my own ball glove and played Summer League up until I was 15 years old. Not sure why it ended there, guess the leagues just did. About that time we finally got a High School Fast Pitch team. I had also played basketball since 5th grade. I decided my Sophomore year to focus on my career and to get out of Dodge- I mean Wilson, so I opted to put all ball on the back burner. I still went to all the football and basketball games, but I worked in the concession stands, I told you I was preparing for my future career, no not food service, BANKING- but yes the food service has paid off now that I am a housewife.

Then I went of to college, intramural leagues were very popular. I quickly joined a co-ed softball league, my first experience playing with the opposite sex. I loved it and I was good at it, except for running. I couldn't unhook my plow, LOL!  My brother began his high school football career about this time, sadly I didn't develop a love for the game. Not sure if it was because I rarely made it to any of the games or if I just did not understand. Probably both. Then I married husband #1, a sports fanatic, and well he was just a fanatic so resentment for anything he liked was just natural.


When I met Jason, sports became different. A big change in our lives was we were Sooner fans, but what did that really mean to us?  I had a three year old son who had a football and a jersey and I was trying to instill the influence of the game in him through those things and a few men I dated and maybe my brother who lived three hours away. I now was marrying a Razorback fan? A what? Yeah well, we were divided for a minute, long enough to buy the car tag. We did agree on America's Team, the Dallas Cowboy's, that much I did know.  Football became a fun thing around our house. Jason actually answered my questions. Laughed with me when I asked a stupid question. Most importantly shared with Braden and me the game. I now go to college games, I can call the Hogs like its nobody's business, and I am now a proud football mom of the cutest little boy in the world. My Moma is always making comments about how I talk about games and am tuned into certain scores.  Oh yeah it happened, and it happened big! All because of my dear husband's influence in bringing back my natural love for sports. The one thing he has taught me though, it's not about just who you are a fan of, but it is a love for the game!

Love my Future Tiger!!!


Beth Zimmerman said...

That's cute! Sounds like you've got a keeper there!

Dishin And Dishes said...

Love it! Well, except the Hogs fan part ..just kidding!! That is TRUE love sister!

It's amazing how when you're with the right person what you'll take an interest in just cuz you love em!

Kellyology said...

So true! I couldn't play soccer to save my life, but now honestly I am a true fan. Only took 18 years to get that way.

Baloney said...

I'm so glad my husband doesn't read blogs. He would think there was hope for me after all. lol.

Dawn said...

It's been fun reading how each of us have been influenced by our husbands.

I've learned a lot about sports from my husband as well. =)