Monday, June 28, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Oh yeah, it Happened

Today's question at The RHOK is brought to us by a newly inspired Mrs. McGillicutty aka Kelly at Kellyology!

Think about the day you met your spouse. Since then and due to their influence, what is the one thing that has changed about you that you never expected to happen?

Anyone that knows me well know that I come from an extremely athletic family. My Moma was an All-State basketball player and loved the game so much that when she became pregnant with me in January of her senior year of high school, she continued to dribble, shoot and bounce me along with her game. All three of us children grew up in playpens along the first or third base lines of a softball field while Moma played co-ed softball during the Summers. When I was four years old I was finally given my own ball glove and played Summer League up until I was 15 years old. Not sure why it ended there, guess the leagues just did. About that time we finally got a High School Fast Pitch team. I had also played basketball since 5th grade. I decided my Sophomore year to focus on my career and to get out of Dodge- I mean Wilson, so I opted to put all ball on the back burner. I still went to all the football and basketball games, but I worked in the concession stands, I told you I was preparing for my future career, no not food service, BANKING- but yes the food service has paid off now that I am a housewife.

Then I went of to college, intramural leagues were very popular. I quickly joined a co-ed softball league, my first experience playing with the opposite sex. I loved it and I was good at it, except for running. I couldn't unhook my plow, LOL!  My brother began his high school football career about this time, sadly I didn't develop a love for the game. Not sure if it was because I rarely made it to any of the games or if I just did not understand. Probably both. Then I married husband #1, a sports fanatic, and well he was just a fanatic so resentment for anything he liked was just natural.


When I met Jason, sports became different. A big change in our lives was we were Sooner fans, but what did that really mean to us?  I had a three year old son who had a football and a jersey and I was trying to instill the influence of the game in him through those things and a few men I dated and maybe my brother who lived three hours away. I now was marrying a Razorback fan? A what? Yeah well, we were divided for a minute, long enough to buy the car tag. We did agree on America's Team, the Dallas Cowboy's, that much I did know.  Football became a fun thing around our house. Jason actually answered my questions. Laughed with me when I asked a stupid question. Most importantly shared with Braden and me the game. I now go to college games, I can call the Hogs like its nobody's business, and I am now a proud football mom of the cutest little boy in the world. My Moma is always making comments about how I talk about games and am tuned into certain scores.  Oh yeah it happened, and it happened big! All because of my dear husband's influence in bringing back my natural love for sports. The one thing he has taught me though, it's not about just who you are a fan of, but it is a love for the game!

Love my Future Tiger!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Week of First's in Doctor Visits at the Crow's Nest

It is Summertime and of course we all know that means time to get those six month visits to the dentist done, or at least that is how my Moma always did it. Summer and Christmas Break! We finally got dental insurance and rather than pay and not use,  I finally found a dentist who would take the policy and it just so happens that my friend Kimberly is the hygienist there! Yay! Kaybrie being 3 now was finally ready for her first visit and she, unlike most visits to the doctor, wasn't so sure about the dentist! Braden on the other hand, piece of cake after all he has been several times!

Can you see how scared she is?

Look at what a big girl she is being. Check out her right hand, she got to wear a dentist glove!

The cleaning is done, and she even got to help by using the suction tool and guess what? No cavities- What a Big Girl!!

Can't leave Braden out of the dentist chair, my how he now fills that seat! The dentist said he is definitely a candidate for braces and guess what? No Cavities!! Yay!
Praise God for taking care of my babies and their teeth while we have had no insurance!!!

And Now Another First Experience

On Tuesday we went with The RHOK housewives, their kids and some other friends to Blue Hole in Salina, OK. There were about 42 total. Beautiful clear and cold water. I didn't read the email very well and we wore flip flops instead of buying water shoes.  Well, the B'ster was on the waterfall behind him, only a little farther down, and decided to try a trick off of the falls after being told not too...Boys will be Boys!!
He landed knees down in about 18 inches of water and severed his right kneecap through the muscle. I could hear him screaming Mommy above the running water, rushed to him,  seeing the people carry him out, terrified that he was paralyzed and nearly passing out once realizing it was only a huge gash. I drove like 80 mph to Pryor to an Urgent Care where he received a total of 10 stitches. Eight on top and two underneath.  Let me tell you my baby boy does not handle pain well and has a very weak stomach. He was like Bruce Banner turning into the Incredible Hulk-no lie! He finally was able to walk again on it Thursday and I am praying he will be ready for football camp again on Tuesday night.  These are his first stitches at nine years old and I can promise you it will definitely be a memorable experience for him!

The gash, thankfully it was clean!

At this point the wound it numb, why didn't they send some of that numbing stuff home with me?

All is better now at The Crow's Nest and I am praying for NO more doctor visits this summer!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today's post.....

If you want to read what my insightful mind has to say today please visit The RHOK!! I promise ♥Mrs. Hart♥ is cooking up something good- a memory dish from her childhood and a found again dish as an adult!! Are you intrigued yet? Get on over there and read!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Father's Day 2010

Father's Day we carried on a traditon and spent it in the pool! We put on our prettiest suits, smiles and worked on our best jumps! Even Kaybrie joined in this year without a life jacket!
Thank you my MIL for the wonderful lunch- Daddy Crow's fave Roast, Carrots & Potatoes w/ Texas Sheet Cake!  Yummy!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Role Reversal

Let's pretend mommies and daddies switched places for a day or two. How do you think everyone would fare in their new position? Would it go well? Would it be a disaster?

This is the question for today's MckLinky brought to us by the lovely Redneck Diva herself Mrs. Nesbitt.

How would The Crow's Nest fare? Honestly, I think we would do just fine. Daddy Crow on the other hand might have a thing or two to say about this post, so he just might not be privvy to it.

Waking up at 6 AM would take some getting used to, but I've done it way earlier than that before.

I tend to be a bit bossy, yeah that comes w/ being the oldest and having the B.S. in Management and the MRS. degrees, so the lazy guy at his work either wouldn't work there any longer, or I might not!

Getting to sit in the DAMN recliner- Score!!!

Not having to decide what is for dinner, nice...

Me bringing home the $, someone else spending it- well that is the American way!

Only getting to see my babies for 2 hours each night and 1 Sunday a week, except one weekend a month- Someone please wake me up from this nightmare of role switching, its not gonna work!!!


Getting to take my wife's "crazy" medicine will do me just fine, I can handle anything- BRING IT ON!

My kids fight? Never!

The house will be clean all the time and the laundry put away before 5pm, never a load in the dryer waiting for the dryer fairies!

When I pay the bills there will always be money left over.

The kid's will always be on time to every sporting and extracurricular event!

Can we take that "crazy" medicine away from him now please? Because obviously it has THAT effect on him! LOL!

Now, head on over to The RHOK, read how everyone else fared and make sure you link up!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Sun Fun

Two water hoses, a slide, a beach ball sprinkler, lounge chair, a rip stick (?), a pool, a tarp, an umbrella, bathing suits and three kids! Now that is some real Summer Imagination's !! Who said Electronic's were ruining their brains?

Monday, June 14, 2010

MckLinky Monday: How Daddy & Moma Crow Met!


It's MckLinky Monday again, and boy are we Housewives a NOSEY, get in your Business Bunch!  I really like it though, because not only does it help me reminiscence and get those butterflies in my tummy again, it also makes me get it down for the sole purpose of my blog: for my kids and grandkids! This week's question is brought by the lovely Mrs. Albright aka Dawn at Dawn's Diversions who I have known and been reading the longest of all the Housewives.

How Did You Meet Your Spouse?

October 27th, 2004 I turned Thirty.  I had just gone through a divorce and it was finalized in January of that year. That marriage, if you can call it that, lasted seven years.  I was a single Mom of a wonderful three year old little boy. Because of my little boy and my upbringing and church, I knew I had to find a new church for us and get involved. That January we began attending The Church at BattleCreek. From January to October, I dated a little, one guy in particular- which was totally Mr.WRONG from the beginning, but can you say REBOUND.  In September, I started a DivorceCare class at Church and Braden got involved with some kids at church as well.
So the Big 3-0 rolled around, even though I was saying Thirty, Flirty and Thriving, I wasn't exactly feeling it!  I mean come on! Single Working Mom's know where all the cheap eat night's are at McDonald's, Burger King and Mazzios and we are in bed by 9 o'clock, unless an episode of Sex and the City is on TBS that you haven't seen! Because believe me, secretly you live your life through Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda- who wouldn't?

Did I mention that I spent the Big 3-0 at Incredible Pizza with my son, yeah I skipped my DivorceCare Class to hang out and play skiiball! Well, the following week, exactly a week on November 3, 2004, I had half a mind to skip class again. I didn't.  Gayla my friend in the class invited her cousin, don't remember much about him other than when asked why I missed and spent my birthday alone, I then went off on my depression and made the comment that I was going to turn into a hamburger, this guy was asked if I looked like a hamburger and he turned red and said "You look very nice to me!"  I think he was at church the following Sunday and I caught him checking out my legs! Then on Monday the 8th, I got a call from Gayla asking for permission to give my phone number out to her cousin Jason who came to class- he thought I was pretty! I said I guess, he would never call.

 He didn't call, that is until the 22nd of November! He was scared. SCARED? Of what? Rejection. Oh how sweet is that!  Jason had me at HELLO and after 3 1/2 hours on the phone. LOL! Our first date was the Friday after Thanksgiving on November 26, 2004.  We went to Don Pablo's and then saw Christmas with The Crank's. I tried to meet him there after work, but he was having none of that!  He picked me up, opened the door and didn't even try to kiss me, I had to hug him! Such a gentleman. But he did ask me out again, and did call all weekend! Bonus that, on Sunday was Braden's Baby Dedication his entire family was there and I met his Mother and our Mother's met! Wowee...Talk about sweating in Church!

Did I mention that it is illegal to date in DivorceCare? I finished the class, he never came back! We still attend and love TCABC!

Anyway we were Engaged in February of 2005 and Married in May of 2005 and have now been married Five Years!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today's Post is at The RHOK

Today my alter ego ♥Mrs. Hart♥ is posting at The RHOK! It's a great post about friends inspired  my cousin Rhonda, one of my Uncle Monk's twins! Hop on over now and enjoy! Just click the link!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- The Pink House Porch Swing

Oh My Grape Jelly, Kaybrie, Jadyn & Faith Can Do It!!!

Sit still, not talk, and keep their hands to themselves. If that swing comes up missing at The Pink House in Claremore, please do not come looking for it at
The Crow's Nest!!

For other Wordless Wednesday's Link up at The RHOK!

Monday, June 7, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Who Was I in High School?


Mrs. Priss is asking today at The RHOK the question Who Were You in High School?
Hmmm...Now that is a loaded question. At least for me, anyway.

My Wilson High School 1992 Senior Yearbook boasts:  
FHA 4yrs, FHA recreational Chairperson, FHA Reporter, FHA President, SADD 3yrs, SADD Treasurer 2yrs, Oklahoma Honor Society 4yrs, National Honor Society 3yrs, Blue Ribbon Scholar 4yrs, Top 10%, Newspaper Staff 2yrs, Newspaper Assistant Co-Editor 1991, Newspaper Co-Editor 1992, Student Council Treasurer, Annual Staff 2yrs, Academic Team 2yrs, Beta Club 4yrs, 1991 Beta Reporter, Who's Who 4yrs, Basketball 1yr, Drama Club, Co-Salutatorian and voted
 Miss Wilson High School and Most Dependable in the Senior Hall of Fame.

Looking back, I was INSECURE and MOTIVATED and was involved in anything and everything just to give me an idea of what I wanted to do beyond my hometown. I didn't party, I didn't date, geesh my senior class only had 35 and half of them I was related too! I wasn't a nerd, some people thought I was a little reserved, okay a lot reserved. I only had a few "close" friends, but then again we were all close in different ways. Yeah, we had our cliques, the jocks, the wild ones, the not so popular ones, the thugs- but my entire high school freshman through seniors might have held 120 students. Yeah, I was a teachers pet, I respected my elders. If I didn't they pretty much could flag my Daddy down on the road, oilfield or the hay pasture and tell him anything and everything about me, or so I believed. Too bad my little brother and sister didn't have the fear of my Daddy placed in them at an early age! Shoot, I still believed Daddy had spies in
Weatherford, OK when I went off to college, that is up until my sophomore year!

MOTIVATED, INSECURE, NAIVE and GULLIBLE me! Always wanting to excel in and at Everything!
That's who I was!
And at times, still am today!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: It's Hot Outside!

What else is a girl to do if she doesn't have a swimming pool at her house?