Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Week At The Crow's Nest...

Wow, what a week! For me it started out sickly. Stuffy head, achy ears so Moma Crow got a shot in the behind after going back to the doctor on Monday. But, of course that doesn't keep me at home, well it did over the weekend. We had severe weather on Wednesday night, portions of Oklahoma had tornadoes touch down. I think the final count was 17 tornadoes in all.  Also, over at The RHOK, we found out that we are going to be having a giveaway for the Sex and The City 2 Soundtrack- we are so excited.  After our RHOK Out this next Wednesday night at Louie's in Jenks, we will be going to see the opening show so we can do a group review! 

Jason and I had our 5th Wedding Anniversary on the 19th! Yay Us! He of course has been working A LOT of hours, bless his heart. We will celebrate it sometimes this weekend.

  Braden, my little man, took a tour of his new school this week. Yes it was his final week at Liberty Elementary as a Third Grader, and his report card reflected all A's- now in my day straight A's for all four semester's meant the Superintendent's Honor Roll and you got a special certificate at the Awards Assembly. I guess I'm gonna have to do the honor for him myself! He also pulled a tooth on Thursday night all by himself, he lost it down the bathroom sink!  Not knowing if he still believed in the Tooth Fairy or not, she only left him $1 and didn't sprinkle her fairy dust, aka glitter. He got up Friday morning and was a little disappointed that there wasn't any fairy dust, I just explained that if there is no tooth, there is no dust! Whew....that was close! On Thursday, he dressed up like Peyton Manning and presented a Penny Arcade. Very interesting. The school cafeteria was full of third graders and they all were dressed up with a cup. You dropped a penny in their cup and then they proceeded to tell you about the character they were dressed like. Below is the Peyton Manning wanna be and God help us all, I hope and pray he is one day! Isn't he handsome?

Miss Kaybrie. Well, where do I start with her?  This week I finally learned what it is going to be like to chauffeur two children to four different places and juggle four different schedules.  Kaybrie had swim lessons four days this week and last week we added ballet class once per week to her schedule on Thursday. She is taking swim lessons with her BFF Faith and both girls are doing so good. They are both growing up so fast. It is very hard to sit behind a glass partition and watch someone else teach your baby to swim in a big pool. And dance class. Wow, I cannot believe how attentive my little drama queen is.  I of course am very partial and I think every thing she does is perfect, but I can say she does have more coordination already than I ever had as a child. So who knows maybe she can dance! IDK, but she sure is adorable in that leotard and those slippers, isn't she?

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