Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Top Secret Announced! It's The RHOK

Hi! So, if you have been reading my Facebook, my tweets or just been tolerating me lately, you know that I have been working on a top secret project! I have teamed up with six other gorgeous housewives from NE Oklahoma and created a new blog called  The Real Housewives of Oklahoma. Well, today is the big rollout day. I insist that if you are a reader of mine that you mosey on over and become a follower of TheRHOK and make sure you join us on Facebook and Twitter while you are there! It is finally an opportunity for me to get my own writing out for the public to read and yes, it will be a different style than my mommy blog!!
 P.S. I write under the name of  ♥ Mrs. Hart ♥.

Today on The Real Housewives is MckLinky Monday! Sure hope you visit TheRHOK and play along!

"What is a Housewife"

Yes, I am a Housewife, a SAHM, a Domestic Engineer, oh so many titles...thank the Lord He blessed me with these broad shoulders. When filling out most applications though the only option is Housewife. I kind of like  love it! It means that I have a hard working man that cares for his family enough to provide and make ends meet so that his wife can stay home and take care of his children and home.  Sure, it is tough sometimes and I will often speak write of those times, but only as a way to help myself and other women through it. 

When it comes to household duties, I am not the best housekeeper, I hate, hate, hate taking out the trash. But I love doing laundry. When homework rolls around it helps to be 100% rested and focused or the boy and I clash terribly, we are a lot alike. Cooking, I love to cook and I love to eat more!

Being a Housewife is the toughest job I have ever had. But to to me is considered to be a huge blessing. A blessing that I hope continues for a long while.



Dawn said...

WOOT! This is so exciting.
I think we are going to have so much fun with our new blog.

Baloney said...

Sweet post. Looking forward to MckLinky Monday again!