Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh Be Careful Little Minds What We Learn

For the past three weeks we have encountered lots and lots of learning at our house. Braden has had many hours of homework involving measuring with rulers and Jason has also had to measure a few things around the house for a few honey-do's. It is absolutely amazing what a three year old mind can pick up through all of these measuring events!

I so want to thank Jason for leaving that tape measure out. I also want to thank him and  Braden for teaching Kaybrie how to measure. You see, yesterday while I was putting clothes in the dryer she came up behind me and said,  "Mommy, I need to see how tall your bottom is." Then she proceeded to measure the width. And if you look really close at the tape measure above its only 15" wide! LOL!
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Dawn said...


Go hide that tape measure!

Delana said...

That's cute!