Monday, April 19, 2010

Mcklinky Monday- Where were you on April 19, 1995?

Today at The RHOK, the question is Where were you on April 19, 1995?

What an emotional question if you are an Oklahoman and if you have an memory at all of that tragic event. The first act of terrorism on American soil killing 168 of our own and then to find out that an American cititzen, an American soldier who had defended our country, actually had commited this act. The acts that followed the bombing give me a great sense of pride and make me so proud to call Oklahoma home! Oklahomans from all over the state joined in on the rescue efforts, those who couldn't gave blood, sent supplies, and prayed!

So, where was I? In Weatherford, OK. I was in my first semester of my senior year at SWOSU. I had just finished up my eight o'clock class and had a conference with my Grammar professor, yes I had Grammar at one time in my life. The conference was over my senior thesis, Communication in Management. The meeting did not take that long, I'm not sure why.  I was back in my dorm room by 9:30, those of us students lucky to have any reception or cable on our TV's were glued to our sets, the one's that didn't have TV's were glued to our sets. We were in awe. I don't know the stats, but probably a lot of students missed classes the remainder of the day as news filtered in. We were 70 miles west of the site. For those of us who didn't know someone in the Murrah building, we knew someone, who knew someone, who knew someone.

It was a real awakening moment for a college senior, knowing that my life was getting ready to start and that such evil was out there. I still was very protected and naive. I remember driving back home to Wilson from Weatherford on the weekends through El Reno on I-40, knowing that was where Timothy McVeigh was, and seeing the sign "Warning Hitchhikers may be escaped Inmates".

I finally visited the Oklahoma City Memorial  five years ago. It is beautiful, it is peaceful- but it is a complete shame that we had to build such a place. I will never forget that tragic day 15 years ago today.

Now its your turn to tell where you were, link up over at The RHOK, we Housewives want to know!!!



Baloney said...

I remember not wanting to watch on TV anymore. It was just so awful.

Mom Mayhem says: said...

It is a hard fact to realize -that there is evil out there. I'm glad the memorial is such a peaceful now.

Delana said...

What a sad day in Oklahoma... Even today as our men and women are dying or getting injured abroad.

I'm very proud to say that my husband serves our country. It's a big sacrifice on each of us, especially the children.

I remember those signs on I-40!