Monday, April 26, 2010

MckLinky Monday: Lessons Learned in Marriage


Today at The RHOK its tell
What funny or not lessons did you learn during your first year of marriage?
Hmm, can I say that I am approaching my fifth year of marriage May 19th and am still learning by the day?
Here is my top 10 list, Jason approved of course:

  1. He is not my Ex-Husband, the things my ex did, Jason does not do and I should not ever expect that behavior, there is a reason an ex is an ex. Jason simply is not that proud!

  2. I knew he had the big brown recliner when we met, it was his and obviously if it already had an imprint of his rear in it, that should have been a big clue!

  3. He likes his cereal or should I say box of cereal and could care less if I cook for him or not, he does not expect a me to cook for him, my feelings should not be hurt.

  4. Some women would love a man to clean the house, so what if he is doing my job!

  5. The only thing he does not like me to do in the evenings is laundry, why?

  6. I have learned not to throw away holey underwear and socks- they are the most comfortable.

  7. Lately, a discussion is better documented in text, because I carry on conversation with too many people and fail to tell my spouse- OUCH! We are becoming busy parents.

  8. Why can't I mow the grass? I'm really not complaining.

  9. If toilets or another major operating fixture is fixed, it better be blogged, facebooked and tweeted about!

  10. He is the most wonderful Husband and Father in the World. He loves us all Unconditionally. He may not have been there when Braden was born, but he has stepped in, formed a bond and deservingly holds the honor of being called Daddy by both of  his children!
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Crow
May 19, 2005
The Little White Wedding Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada

What funny lessons did you learn in your first year of marriage?
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Baloney said...

I really loved your list. Perfect! It would kill me to keep stuff with holes in it, though. I throw those away when Doc isn't looking. :)

Dawn said...

My husband doesn't expect me to cook either. He's fine with eating a plate of nachos every night of the week. Ha!

This was fun to read. You got yourself a great husband.