Monday, March 1, 2010

Well....Blechhh on Them!! Beauty doesn't have to be Picked, not in Moma's Eyes!

I warned my readers from this post last year that I would once again enter my little princess into the Regis & Kelly Beautiful Baby Search Contest. The top ten finalist were announced today, and once again she did not make the cut. I am sure that with so many millions of submissions that her picture just got lost in the piles and piles of pictures. One thing different this year over the past two is that she actually made "The Gallery", not once, but 2X! LOL! So Prada, Louie, Coach and Jimmy you are gonna have to wait for me to visit the Big Apple another way, another time! Hugs and Kisses, Regis & Kelly, but Blechhh on your pickers, my Kaybrie is the Fairest of them All and her MOMA isn't blind!!!
P.S. Beauty only gets prettier every year, and she has one more year to qualify, see ya next year! Wonder if all the Mom's are as bad as I am? LOL!

Kaybrie Jayne- This is the picture we submitted!

This is a picture of her in "The Gallery"

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Amy said...

Well, ShaRhonda, I think she's a beauty! I didn't enter my girls, but maybe next year we will both get to trek to NYC together!

Marilie W. Smock, Cord & Pleat Design said...

of course they didn't pick her - they thought she was "too perfect" - too good to be true --- she's such a little doll!

Delana said...

BELLA Kaybrie! She does not need a contest to confirm her growing beauty or the warmth of her soul.

Megan said...

She's a cutie! I love her big brown eyes and that curly curly hair!! Maybe next year. : )

Ashley said...

I think she is beautiful!! Maybe next time!! One more year one more year beautiful!!!