Saturday, March 27, 2010

For the Times You Just Wish You Had a Hidden Camera

Like most thirty something women, I am a Twilight fanatic! I have read all four books, and cannot wait for the movies to come out in theater. When the first movie came out, Jason was very interested in going with me! When the second movie New Moon came out, he wanted to go, but was so ecstatic willing to let his beautiful wife have a GNO with Stacye! So, as soon as New Moon hit the shelves last weekend, being the fantastic beautiful wife I am, braved the Spring snowstorm on Saturday and purchased the blu-ray version for my DH's viewing pleasure! I am now under the complete opinion that unless you have read the books you must not watch the movies. And I declare another GNO right now for June 30th, to go see Eclipse! 
Now here is where I wish I had the hidden camera! I would so submit it to SNL!

 Jason's impression of the movie went something like this: Oh Bella I had plenty of time to do laundry in Twilight (shirt on), but now in New Moon there is no laundry soap (shirt off)-He just doesn't get it, but declares Team Edward all the way, LOL!

And, for the record, what thirty-something woman wouldn't become somewhat of a cougar after seeing Jacob/Taylor Lautner, that beautiful male species take his shirt off- oops, did I say that? BTW did you see the Ken doll version, they never made Ken look that good when I was a little girl? And no I did not buy it!
But, I am still a SUCKER, get it, for a good love story, so long live Edward and Bella....


Delana said...

I'm not much of a twilight fan, but my husband has read the books and likes the movies. After I complete my classes, I plan on reading the series.

I must laugh because of your husband's story! It's so true, they do have thier shirts off alot in New Moon! Which is nice for us GIRLS!! ;P

The Ken doll is such a HOWL! HAHAHHA

Amy said...

I read all four books, but got less enchanted as I went along. I guess it just didn't live up to my high expectations after Twilight.

I have only seen the first movie, but I plan on renting New Moon very soon--as soon as this semester's work is all turned in!

I adore the muscles on that Jacob doll! Did someone say Eye Candy?

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Woohoo -Twilight! I've read the books and seen the movies too! I can't wait to see the other movies as well. For New Moon I went with T-town moms MNO (got to go for free-yay!) But, maybe I could join you for the next movie or something?!
Oh yeah and I like the Jacob doll - I saw something before like -"I'm team Edward until I see Jacob with his shirt off" ;) LOL!

Megan said...

I'm right there with ya. And I agree if you haven't read the books then the movie isn't for you. I can't wait for Eclipse!!! : )